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By: Paul Fallavollita

Decency and sanity won in Georgia, where an appeals court rejected the notion that "civil unions" granted by Vermont to homosexuals are equivalent to marriage. The court gave this victory to a rational husband who did not believe that his children should stay overnight with his lesbian ex-wife and her partner.

Proposition 22 passed in California, preventing the legalization of same-sex marriage. Paul Koretz, a Democratic Assemblyman from West Hollywood then introduced AB 1338 into the legislature to circumvent Prop 22 by creating Vermont-style "civil unions" (which are much less savory than maple syrup). Fortunately, traditionalists forced the withdrawal of the bill. Koretz told the media, "this issue is here to stay, and whether it is this year or next year, the bill will be back."

Koretz may be partially correct. Homosexuality is a vice that has persisted throughout human history, much like prostitution. Its complete eradication is unlikely, since there are no vice-free utopias. Nevertheless, vices can be contained and discouraged as much as possible. The issue and the bill may return in California, but so will the defenders of traditional morality. Pro-family advocates scored a victory in Georgia and California, but that is no cause for resting on one’s laurels. The gay agenda has been somewhat halted, and now it is time for a full rollback.

Some conservatives applaud the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, but fail to notice some of the unintended consequences of American interference. The Taliban put an end to homosexuality when it came to power in 1994. Now that the U.S. has displaced the Taliban, the city of Kandahar is again the homosexual capital of South Asia. A long-standing and widespread practice of pederasty has returned to Pashtun society, in the form of the "ashna." An ashna is a young boy, usually 15 years of age, sexually attached to an adult male. Competition for young boys is fierce, and outrages including rape are a regular event. The Taliban received wide support because it delivered on its promise to end this form of sexual exploitation. There have been some victories over the gay agenda at home, but American action brought defeat on this front overseas.

Homosexual activists and their fellow travelers are always looking for new ways to crack the dike and flood American society with perversion. Senator Ted Kennedy, for example, is trying to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which extends minority civil rights protections to homosexuals. Kennedy’s newest angle is invoking the name of Mark Bingham, one of the brave passengers who resisted the hijackers on the doomed Flight 93 of September 11. Bingham was a gay man, and Kennedy is attempting to capitalize on Bingham’s hero status to overcome opposition to ENDA.

When they are not playing up their heroism, as either military servicemen or civilians, homosexuals attempt to claim victim status, whining about supposed "second-class citizenship" to disarm their pro-family opponents. Homosexual activists fail to remind the public, however, that gays are one of the most well to do groups in society, with higher than average levels of income and education. They also enjoy political and cultural influence far beyond their numbers (estimated at 1%, not 10% as commonly thought).

Nor do homosexual activists relish revealing to the average American the seamy side of their lifestyle. Gays prefer to leave in the closet attributes including promiscuity, disease, a shortened life span, and unconscionable sexual behaviors involving the insertion of fists into anuses, ingestion of semen and feces, and "sports" involving bodily fluids (the famed "golden showers"). Politically, they also refrain from mentioning the consequences of the laws they seek to pass. ENDA would diminish freedom of association, forcing landlords to rent to gays, and mandating owners of Christian businesses to hire gays. The expansion of federal power and the amount of litigation that ENDA would cause would be considerable, taking similar damage created by the 1964 Civil Rights Act to new heights.

The gay agenda, including marriage, adoption and child custody rights, decriminalization of sodomy, removal of the military ban on homosexuals, compulsory sex education and corporate sensitivity training, and proliferation of TV shows intended to desensitize straights, is invasive and aggressive. No one on the pro-family side proposes infringing upon anyone’s privacy or rights, but we draw the line when gays scheme to redefine the long-established values of society to suit their lifestyles.

Gays must learn that society can never condone or legitimize homosexuality. It is a fundamental aspect of nature that men and women come together to raise families, perpetuating the race, and this is something gays can never perform as well. In every society, to keep order and properly function, there is a hierarchy consisting of a center and a periphery. The center is what gives genesis to the society and maintains it. The periphery may participate, but it can never replace (or compete with) the center without destroying that society. Were the center to disappear, the "public good" of stability it provides would also disappear, endangering even the continued existence of the periphery.

Gays, you are peripheral. You are yonder, get used to it.

Paul Fallavollita holds an M.A. in political science from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Paul is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Paul Fallavollita can be reached at pfallavollita@aol.com

Published in the February 28, 2002 issue of  Ether Zone.
Copyright 1997 - 2002 Ether Zone.

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