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By: Jan Lamprecht

Last week's article received some interesting comments. I thought I would print some comments I have received from various Americans during the week.

Some months ago I wrote a piece stating that Racism was pseudo-intellectual bunk intended to intimidate and exploit whites. It really had virtually nothing to do with racial reconciliation. It was just a communist podium from which to slander white people in the Western world and lay the foundation for grand scams to try to steal billions, or even trillions of dollars from white folks.

There was a conference on racism recently. Various non-white groups were invited. During the proceedings, the blacks decided to throw out all the non-whites claiming that slavery was too traumatic to discuss in front of whites!! (Can you believe this?) The non-whites then packed their bags meekly and left.

The conference then discussed the next target for "Racial Exploitation" - France! Apparently a slave revolt in Haiti back in the days of Napoleon had been successful. Later, France refused to recognize the new Haitian government. The French conditions for recognizing Haiti was that the Haitians must first pay the French over 150 million Francs for the damage caused to private property during the rebellion. Now, the blacks want that money back from France - plus almost 200 years worth of interest!! Isn't that a hoot?

One American on WWW.FreeRepublic.com, after reading this responded as follows (and was cheered on by several other Americans):-

The mind boggles.

How can it be that whites have done so much damage to the world? How can it be that a race with the smallest numbers, smaller numbers than black, brown or yellow, has managed to inflict such trauma on those that so vastly outnumber us? While less than 15% of the world is white, even closer to 10% really, we have managed to traumatize blacks to the point that they cannot even conduct a 'racism' conference with a white person, any white person at all, in the room.

I used to feel sympathy. I used to try to empathize. I used to believe that we could create a nation where, finally, once we were on equal footing, we would all benefit, and we would all step up to the challenge of getting past the past, and getting on with the goals of integration ... and equality ... and color-blind decisions.

But I no longer believe that.

I have seen history rewritten, and the attempts to further re-write it go unchallenged every day. I have seen guilt inflicted on us by this history, both the true and false histories, and I have seen us lay down and take the criticism, and the blame, and the admonishments, and the costs. I have seen us, the minority race in the world, the race that created the countries that are the destination for the worlds freedom seekers ... the race that created the countries that are the standard for the modern world for technology and medicine and infrastructure ... become the villains.

I am done with it. Blacks are their own worst enemies, and they have always been their own worst enemies. If they wish to wallow in their 'trauma' alone, then so be it. If they wish to make an enemy of me because of the color of my skin, then so be it. I believe I have done all that I can to avoid that condition, but that condition exists, and I can do nothing about it.

I am walking out too ... figuratively and literally. Blacks can have their blame and pity party on their own, because I am done with it. All I see now is the intersection of racism and socialism and guilt pointing to the ultimate destruction of whites as a race, and I will no longer participate in that.

Another interesting e-mail I had came from an American lady who has read my articles:-

Mugabe thinks whites are crooks, thieves, and liars? Here in the US there is a direct relationship between the % of black residents in major metropolitan areas and the homicide rate per 100,000. The more elected offices blacks hold in metropolitan areas the more screwed up governance is. Washington, DC the worst case supporting this.

Every country in Africa that elects a black president ends up with a president for life if the president can pull it off. For some reason we continue to send foreign aid to presidents for life that is promptly pocketed by the benevolent leader of the downtrodden and poor.

Last week's article about the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA caused a strong response from one American. I also learned after the article was published that the CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA), is sponsored by Russia, while the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is in fact sponsored by China!! So much for Chinese "frendship!" According to Jeff Nyquist, the Revolutionary Communist Party played a big role in organizing the LA riots some years ago. Here is how one American commented:-

I'm writing to you after reading an article you wrote about communism in America. Yes, we ARE getting inundated by communist propaganda, but behind the scenes, and not being reported by the mass media, is that even though openly, the media says 'no racial profiling', that doesn't mean it's not being done.

I just recently spent one month traveling to and from NYC where I grew up.

I traveled through NYC and all over Staten Island, and I specifically looked for Arab types. I never saw ONE middle-eastern man or woman.ANYPLACE!! THEY WERE ALL GONE OR IN HIDING! I asked people who live in NYC what happened to them all, and even THEY didn't know. I'm of Greek extraction, and I can spot anyone from the middle-east and I could not find ONE. On my train trip across the country I had the opportunity to be in the smoking lounge and there we had hours of political conversations with people from all walks of life. Many were black, and Pakistanis. They ALL, to a man/woman, were FOR racial profiling! They can't believe the govt refused to do it. They all want them caught and don't consider racial profiling a problem with their own freedoms! All the Whites were afraid to admit, at first, that they were FOR racial profiling for fear of appearing as racists. When they heard the blacks voicing their approval of it, then we Whites spoke up, I feel because no one wanted a race war on the train. It turns out that not one, of any race, were against racial profiling. The only place you hear of it is on TV, but the everyday American is FOR it. They are the silent majority, and no amount of communist propaganda is going to change their minds. The only ones being fooled are the communists. If they were having such a great conversion rate then it would have been apparent when 9-11 WTC attack happened. Instead, Mrs. Bush said she was SURPRISED at the amount of PATRIOTISM and PATRIOTS that showed up immediately following that black day. Patriots popped out of every home, church, school, cabs, cars, etc. Flags were EVERYWHERE! I'm POSITIVE the liberal communists in gov't were also taken aback by this show of patriotism, and all sang the National Anthem in a show of solidarity. They didn't fool anyone, but they sure pulled in their horns. I feel if they had said anything against this country at that time they would have all been summarily HUNG! Many countries and peoples feel that Americans are blind, deaf, and stupid. The problem we face here is that the media is controlled and no Patriotism or Americanism is allowed to be shown on television for fear that their communist propaganda will suffer a setback. The thing they didn't expect was a solid PATRIOTIC AMERICAN show of force throughout the nation! The flag appeared on cars, houses, clothing, stores, banks, schools, gov't flagpoles all sprouted flags immediately after 9-11 so that there were no flags to be bought anywhere at any price in a few days. Anything with a flag, was bought up in a flash. NYC is a hotbed for anti-gun propaganda, but all their K-Marts, and sporting goods stores were SOLD OUT of guns and ammo in the first few hours! Even the liberals were buying up gas masks and getting survival equiptment, and going to the militia and survival sites on the Internet.

So, keep the faith!! We are silent, but not dead. And remember, all the Patriotic Americans are ARMED TO THE TEETH! The liberal commies have all willingly disarmed themselves, so they, in effect, have neutered themselves. Let them expose themselves now, for a time. The WTC attack galvanized the American People, and the sleeping giant woke up and boy was he pissed! There are over 85 MILLION registered gun owners in this country, and most have more than one weapon. Many have much more than that. This is not including all the UN-registered gun owners, and criminals. If we all shot and hit just one enemy, if there were a war on our soil, there wouldn't be a standing army that has enough men in it to do any harm. Plus, do you know of any army that has the soldiers with the GUTS to attack us? They might kill off 90% of the population, but remember, it only took 10% of the American Patriots to overthrow and route the biggest military on earth, England, at the time, with blackpowder rifles! There's a helluva lot more of us NOW then 235 years ago. Let them come!!! We are ready and waiting. Most of our men are Veterans, and experienced combat Vets. They may be older, and have physical disabilities, but they can still shoot straight. The women in this country, in the last two years, amounted to 85% of the NEW gun owners. That means that 85% of the weapons sold in American in 2000-01 were sold to WOMEN!! So, our ranks of armed and ready Americans has about doubled. Can you think of anything more dangerous than a female defending home and hearth? to say nothing about our teenagers who play with war videos and are crack shots, and then we also have the street gangs. Bring on the Anti-Americans!! We are ready, and God help the commie pinko bastards who dare to raise their heads and openly voice their anti-American unpatriotic beliefs. They would be rare birds indeed, and dare I say, VERY DEAD ONES? Our sons and daughters volunteered in record numbers to defend this nation with only ONE attack. Can you imagine a major event happening here? This attack brought about a new understanding between blacks and whites too. The blacks said that there may be a problem in this country, but it's THEIR COUNTRY, and no one from out of the country is going to attack it. We have our problems, but they were set aside when the chips were down.

The Arabs did us all a big favor when they attacked us. Yes, we bled, and yes we died, but the result was not what they expected. We didn't panic. The enemy totally underestimated our response. I think that no matter what differences we all have, they are secondary to our national survival. There may be many who don't approve of the Bush administration and I'm sure there are very good reasons for fearing loss of our freedom and liberties, but most of the propaganda is from communists like the American Civil Liberties posing as patriotic Americans (for the first time), and other commie groups that preach anti-American propaganda as you pointed out, that are trying their damndest to divide and conquer us. Yes, we have our INNER problems, but they take a backseat to our national safety. Maybe our gov't is taking liberties with our Liberty, but more people are awake now, and watching. Nelson Mandela messed in his own plate by speaking out against us. Fidel Castro jumped on the bandwagon, but I see he's trying to do business with us now. We want MORE of the world leaders to speak out against us. We will know if they are sheep or goats by the way they speak. Yes, you were right when you said that the poor of the world are suffering under the communist rulers in South Africa and the loss of the able-minded people who kept the country well fed and civilized. But that isn't being reported openly in the media, but it's all over the Internet and we are sending that information out to everyone we know. The truth is getting out. We are watching who's for us, and who's against us. Hopefully, our leaders will learn from our mistakes, and stop funding these backstabbing governments. If they don't wake up, and soon, chances are there are enough Patriots now to make major changes. The taxpayers are waking up. The women and our children are waking up. The races may be coming together for the common good. Our blessed Veterans suffered, bled and died to keep this country free.Their families lost loved ones. Not one of them will allow this great country to fall so low that what they fought and died for would be lost. America is alive and well. We're just quiet. It's always quietest before the storm!!

I was interested in the way people reacted to Nelson Mandela's tirade against President Bush. If any other Americans have comments about this, I would welcome them. He is portrayed as a God and I wondered what people overseas thought of what he did.

It is great to see a show of emotion and anger in many Americans. It is a good sign. The Internet is a wonderful creation and it may be the single force which will allow people across the world to communicate the truth to one another and to thereby bypass the Communist-dominated Mass Media. The days when some filthy scum use the media to tell lies and pit the various nations and races against each other may be numbered.

I remain hopeful that truth and good in this world will triumph before too long.

"Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

Jan Lamprecht grew up on a small farm in Rhodesia. He moved to South Africa after Mugabe came to power and spent a short time in the South African Navy. He ventured into the world of politics after Mugabe began his land invasions in 2000. He is a self-employed IT Consultant in Johannesburg and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

His new book  "Government by Deception" - Psychopolitics in Southern Africa, is now available for purchase. Click here to read comments by famous Americans who have read the book.

We invite you to visit his website at Southern Africa In Crisis

Jan Lamprecht can be reached at: pbs@iafrica.com

Published in the October 15, 2002 issue of  Ether Zone.
Copyright 1997 - 2002 Ether Zone.

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