By: Al Cronkrite

There are a number of forces that have exerted pressure against the fragile orthodox Christian remnant that was the heritage of American society. The Enlightenment was a early culprit and the humanists it produced carried on the tradition. Secular intellectualism adopted the theory of Evolution and the pagan necessity of replacing God with government became an objective of a number of powerful Christian-hating pagans.

However, none of these pressures succeeded in reeking the cultural devastation that has resulted from legislation passed by our congress in the mid-1960s. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 and followed in 1965 with Amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act that have drastically changed the makeup of American society.

The 1964 Civil Rights legislation robbed American businessmen of their right to determine who they hire and restricted the right of citizens to choose their associations. This legislation was heavily promoted by powerful Jewish groups and was introduced into Congress by New York Jewish Representative Emanuel Cellar .

In 1965 the same Congressman, Emanuel Cellar, introduced the Hart-Cellar Act. Hart supported the bill but it was Cellar who drafted it and spearheaded its passage.

New York Senator Jacob Javits, also Jewish, who in 1951 had written an article entitled "Let's Open the Gates" in which he proposed setting a new immigration level of 500,000 per year was an ardent promoter of the Cellar legislation. He was joined by the American Council for Judaism Philanthropic Fund, the Council of Jewish Federations & Welfare Funds, and B'nai B'rith Women. In addition the ACLU and Americans for Democratic action, both with heavy Jewish membership, joined the promotion.

Passage of the Legislation changed our historic immigration policy from a quota based preference system to one involving chain immigration where an unlimited number of families of immigrants were allowed entry.

As recently as 2002 the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was pushing to increase Jewish immigration. HIAS president and CEO, Leonard Glickman who was working to bring more native Africans into America stated "The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are". The NeoCons are vigorous supporters of immigration.

Jewish intellectuals, who constitute a nation within a nation, have determined that diversity works against anti-Semitism.

The 1965 Act confirmed the 1964 Civil Rights legislation by opening America's gates to thousands of Asians with diverse pagan religious opinions and no concern for America's Christian tradition. Kevin MacDonald writes, "Despite the protestations of the 1965 act's sponsors, the sources of immigration have changed radically. This is partly due to the fact that there are fewer people in Europe seeking to leave, now that most countries there are modern and industrialized. The ending of the national origins quotas opened the doors to mass entry of people from Asia and Latin America (regions where people are far more likely to want to emigrate), and the law's emphasis on family reuinification ensured that those through the door first would be able to bring in their relatives, freezing out potential immigrants from Europe and from other developing nations." .

Professor MacDonald continues in a VDare article, "In the long run, globalism and multiculturalism are a threat to almost everyone's ethnic interest because both ideologies actually legitimize and increase ethnic competition. Globalism results in increased competition because everyone has potential access to everyone else's territory, opening opportunities for plundering another's backyard. Multicultural societies sanction ethnic mobilization because they inevitably become cauldrons of competing ethnic interests."

Although the Jewish agenda will ultimately be at odds with the New World Order crowd, they have a common objective in breaking down the peaceful, prosperous, and more righteous Christian society that preceded their manipulations. Diversity allows Jews to continue to exploit the nation under its cover while at the same time deteriorating the culture in preparation for membership in the New World Order.

Illegal Mexican immigration has been accelerated by the passage of free trade legislation. When the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 1994 lifting tariffs on Mexican imports, produce prices dropped to levels below subsistence for thousands of Mexican farmers forcing them to leave the land.

Reliable estimates are that in 1994 1.8 million Mexicans moved north from the southern provinces of Michoacan, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, and Oaxaca. Eight hundred thousand of them entered the United States.

Stopped at the border by year Legal immigration from Mexico by year
1994      979,101 1901-1910       49,642
1995   1,271,390 1911-1920     219,004
1996   1,507,020 1921-1930     459,287
1997   1,368,707 1931-1940        22,319
1998   1,516,680 1941-1950        60,589
1999   1,537,000 1951-1960      299,811
2000   1,643,679 1961-1970      459,987
2001   1,235,685 1971-1980      640,294
1981-1990   1,655,843
1991-1998   1,931,237

Jewish intellectuals were not the only ones involved in promoting massive immigration. Prominent among those who lent substantial support were President John F. Kennedy, President Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, and currently President George W. Bush.

Judaism is a foreign religion and Jews both secular and religious seek to displace Christianity. Jewish dominated organizations like the ACLU seek to remove Christianity from the public square. Jews have not only succeeded in displacing our culture but in addition they have pushed their prayer life into our government and injected their religious holidays into the social order.

As if this is not bad enough, Talmudic Judaism retains the spirit of the Pharisees contending for racial superiority and the right of hegemony. They brand as anti-Semitic any efforts to squelch their efforts and they have the power to make that phony accusation stick. The Jewish persona is not only "pushy" but perennially persistent - they do not assimilate, forming a nation within a nation - and they do not give up!

Though Dr. Rushdoony wrote extensively about it and I have often repeated it, naive American Christians still fail to understand that all religions are exclusive and when the laws of a nation are changed it is in preparation for the imposition of another religion.

Elite Jews and elite gentiles can accept a spiritualism that does not involve a legal code since such a religion cannot influence the despotic social order they intend. When Christianity is reduced to spiritualism it is acceptable and no longer a threat to the evil agenda. It is God's Laws that they fear for His Laws trump their evil opinions and overpower their towering egos.

The objective of humanistic diversity is to replace God's creation with the contentions of human architects. God divided in order to enhance His predominance; humanists seek to put together to enhance theirs. Polytheism is intrinsic in humanistic diversity.

Racial variety was bequeathed to us by God and human efforts to remove it by force are evil. Kevin MacDonald records the following: "Salter's conclusion: the best way to preserve ethnic interests is to defend an ethnostate-a political unit that is explicitly intended to preserve the ethnic interests of its citizens. Promoting ethnostates is not only fair, it also serves the interests of most peoples. All existing nations are vulnerable to displacement by highly mobilized ethnic minorities, especially if the minorities have high fertility."

Salter recommends a "universal nationalism that would preserve the ethnostate and the social and genetic interest of the races involved.

America's Christians and their leaders who support the Zionist agenda and Pharisaical Jews who perpetrate it are supporting the very evil Jesus condemned.

Christianity is the world's only true religion. It has Jewish roots and those roots should be cultivated by obedience to the Laws God gave to Moses. Jesus came not only that we might be forgiven from sin but that we might be empowered with the strength of His Spirit to be more obedient.

Though American Christianity is an effete shambles, over 70% of our population claims to be Christian. The numbers alone should produce a Christian society that bears some resemblance to the order God intended.

Christianity is God's gift to the world to overpower sin and bring a Godly order to His creation that the Bride might be suitable for the coming of the Groom.

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Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida. He a is regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the June 14, 2005 issue of  Ether Zone.
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