By: Alan Stang

Remember that the Nazi death camps started with the doctors. Many years before the world began to hear about places like Auschwitz and Dachau, even before Viennese homosexual prostitute Adolf Hitler became Reichschancellor, doctors in the Weimar Republic were killing Germans they considered "not fit to live," defective children for instance and then different kinds of adults.

Of course, the doctors were doing that for the country’s "own good." At the Versailles Conference in 1919, the Allies had lied and saddled Germany with a ruinous war debt, which Germany couldn’t pay. The doctors did their "patriotic duty" by removing "useless eaters" from the table. Remember that this had nothing at all to do with Jews. In fact, German doctors doing this at the time thought it was so "humane" it was "too good" for the Jews. The Jews didn’t deserve it.

Now, in Virginia, we have Abraham Cherrix, a 16-year-old boy with a Hodgkin’s cancer, whom a judge recently ordered to undergo another round of chemotherapy. The first round left him so debilitated he couldn’t walk; his father had to carry him around, quite a feat because the boy is over six feet tall. Afterward, the cancer returned. In other words, the chemotherapy failed.

Abraham and his parents want him to take the herbal treatment developed by Harry Hoxsey, who had to flee the United States for that beacon of medical liberty, Mexico, where doctors prescribe it. So what we have here is a disagreement among doctors. The doctors who control and profit enormously from the multi-billion dollar cancer racket in this country will do anything to preserve it; so they told the judge to order a second round of chemotherapy. They, too, are humane.

Abraham’s father says he asked a child protective official, "What will you do with my little boy? Will you take him somewhere and strap him down and put duct tape on his mouth and pump him full of this stuff if he doesn't want it?" The official replied, "No, I will come to your house with a uniformed officer, and I will take your son by force if he resists. And I will take him to somebody who will do that."

So he won’t be strapped down and there will be no duct tape but he will be taken by force and treated by force, by someone else. Understand the difference? The dad also says, "They told Abraham that if he did not go and have an X-ray, they would put him in a juvenile detention center with drug dealers. They told him that if he did not do that they would put him in a foster home." When word of all this hit the street, the outrage was such that the courts ordered a stay, but that’s all it is, a delay. It still could happen.

Recently, I was talking with a Canadian doctor who took me aback with the comment that there is much less medical freedom in the United States than there is in Canada. I had always thought it was the other way round. Are not Canadian doctors coming to practice in this country? Don’t Canadian patients have to wait a long time for certain procedures? Yes, they do, he allowed, despite which the medical situation here is much worse.

What is he talking about? Did you know that doctors—so-called orthodox doctors—don’t know what they are doing? Did you know there is little or no evidence that today’s $2 trillion-dollar medical system works any better than various cheaper alternatives? Did you know that this judgment applies to problems from heart troubles to back pain to prostate cancer and that doctors have little clue about success rates for procedures like surgery for prostate enlargement?

Did you know that 85% of what doctors do is not backed by hard evidence; that doctors dangerously over treat patients, because they get paid to treat; they don’t get paid not to treat. Did you know there is a big risk of mental decline after bypass surgery?

A hundred and fifty years ago, doctors drove fellow physician Ignaz Semmelweis to the insane asylum because he claimed they were killing women delivering babies in Vienna’s hospitals. Women were so terrified of hospitals they considered a hospital stay the same as a death sentence; their families had to bring them there by force because the women tried to escape, an early version of the Abraham Cherrix story.

Eminently respectable doctors of the day were killing those mothers by going from surgery to surgery without washing their hands. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Semmelweis demanded that they scrub and sterilize and reduced the death rate to less than 1%, so of course they ran him out of town.

By now—more than a century and a half later—you probably figure that issue is settled. No medical principle could be less controversial, more settled, than the certainty that a doctor must wash his hands between patients. But of course, you are wrong.

Did you know that today’s hospitals are just as dangerous as Vienna’s in the time of Semmelweis; that 80% of hospital infections happen because too many of today’s doctors don’t wash their hands, which kills thousands of people and costs billions a year? For instance, more than one-quarter of the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s doctors don’t wash. Why? Because proper washing takes time and costs them money they would otherwise be making.

How can I dare say such things? Who do I think I am? Friends, all I’m doing here is reading from Business Week. Has anybody never seen a copy of Business Week? It’s one of the biggest, most identifiable magazines in this country. Get the recent issue of May 29th. Look at the cover story. Everything I have told you without exception comes from that cover story, and the men who say it are some of the nation’s leading doctors.

According to these doctors, some of their colleagues are killing and robbing thousands of Americans a year. Who are these unindicted felons? Are they not the same critics who use government force to raid health food stores and throw so-called alternative practitioners into jail?

Are these not the same killers who use government propaganda to warn disease victims about any other treatment but their own? Don’t they do whatever they can to run any other treatment out of this country? They behave as if they are infinitely holier than thou, but remember, their own spokesmen say they have killed thousands. How many have you killed?

Why do these monsters do it? What do they want? First, of course, they want to maintain their multi-billion dollar monopoly. We are literally talking about one of the most lucrative rackets in world history. Second, they want to conceal that monopoly. I call it Monopoly Medicine. It includes the government, the drug companies, the AMA, the big insurance companies and the medical schools.

Monopoly Medicine is an essential element in the totalitarian socialist conspiracy for world government, the present front man for which is el presidente de los Estados Unidos Smirk W. Boosh. For details about what the medical conspirators are doing to maintain their monopoly, and about the lifesaving technologies they are trying to suppress, see my new book, Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? Simply go to

I can tell you that the conspirators are desperate. The people are catching on. Many more people go to so-called "alternative" practitioners these days than to so-called "orthodox" practitioners. Fewer patients simply do as they are told. The fragile monopoly the medical monsters run could easily collapse.

But remember that one of the long-standing goals of the conspiracy is drastically to reduce the population of the world. The conspirators debate among themselves about how many people must be exterminated. Jacques Yves Cousteau wanted to kill 250,000 per day. Some thinkers talk about exterminating a full 90% of today’s human beings. They will probably compromise on some percentage in the middle. A much smaller population would be that much easier to control.

And the (government) doctors will be in the middle of it. What could they do? One doctor tells me he is convinced the conspiracy will kill with its vaccines, which Boosh has suggested could become mandatory under martial law justified by a convenient epidemic.

In fact, says the doctor, the vaccines, purportedly designed to protect from the epidemic, will in fact be used to kill the target population. As always, the schemes of the conspiracy are both brilliant and audacious. We do know that those vaccines are loaded with extremely dangerous agents and that they are responsible for the recent epidemic of autism. Is another 1918 flu epidemic on the way?

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