By: David Brownlow

It is hard to believe we will soon be suffering, once again, through the indignity of another presidential election. We should be used to this swindle by now, as the same thing happens every four years. It is the old “right is good, left is bad” version of the classic good cop/bad cop scam. 

And the American breed of lapdog known as "the conservative" falls for it every time.  

These are the steps used to create the illusion that we have real elections between two real political parties: 

  1. In the months leading up to November, Republicans start to rail against the Democrats for being a pack of wild, big-spending socialists who are driving us into bankruptcy. While that is certainly true, the Republicans say this while they are the one's who have perfected the art of blowing money in massive chunks. During the 12 years they controlled Congress, the Republicans cranked up annual spending on the welfare/warfare state by nearly $1.5 trillion - almost all of it unconstitutional - and burned through five trillion dollars in new debt! (that they will admit to)
  2. Both "sides" promise to fix the schools, save Social Security, and win the war on terror. They promise this while the schools continue to brainwash our kids with paganism, while the Social Security "Trust Fund" is a total fraud that is trillions in debt, and while we are at a higher risk of terror attacks now than we were before their phony war on terror started.
  3. Republicans talk of liberty and the spread of democracy throughout the world. They say this while nearly half a million American troops are left languishing in 720 foreign bases, spread out in over 130 of the world's 193 countries, and while our President squanders trillions in a failed attempt to build his empire - with full Democratic support! Republicans talk of freedom, while we ruthlessly crush any opposition to our "liberation" of Iraq - resulting in the death of over 100,000 Iraqis. A normal society would call this a war crime! (Memo to world: You will know your freedom is getting close when you hear the sound of our cluster bombs exploding in your neighborhood!)
  4. They pull the homosexual boogeyman out of the closet and tell us we need to elect Republicans or else the homosexuals will take over the country. What a crock. You won't find me jumping up and down to promote their lifestyle anytime soon, but we should probably remove the beam from our own eyes before trying to pluck the speck from anyone else's. This issue has become a lucrative fund raising bonanza for both "sides." Unfortunately, "conservatives" may actually be dumb enough to fall for this old trick again.
  5. Then, just weeks before the election, the propaganda machine is shifted into high gear in order to persuade some of the most gullible people on the planet - pro-life evangelicals - that the way to end the abortion holocaust is through blind loyalty to the Republican Party. While the "two" parties divert our attention by arguing over phony abortion bans, the legalized child-killing industry continues to grind out another 4,000 dead babies every single day.

After the euphoria of the election battle fades away, the masses go back to sleep. And for the next two years, they wander around in a comatose state - unable to fathom that the two competing crime families (R vs D) are feverishly at work, in full partnership, tearing apart the few remaining shreds of our freedom.  


Then, as we begin heading into the next election, which would be right about now, "conservatives" stumble out of their stupor just long enough to fall for the "moral values" sob story once again. And the cycle repeats itself. We re-elect the same reprobates and criminals who are responsible for the total meltdown of the foundations of this once great Republic - somehow believing that if we will give them just one more chance, they will finally get it right... 

Which is the very definition of insanity!  

As we survey the sorry looking cast of characters we will be allowed to vote for in November, things have degraded from voting for "the lesser of two evils" to, "which one makes me puke less?" No matter who they decide to coronate on January 20th, whether it be for Congress, the President or the local dog catcher, we can be confident the result will be the same whichever "side" wins - more welfare, more warfare, more debt, more dead babies, and less freedom. Heads they win, tails we lose! 

The left/right charade is an elaborate ruse, intended to keep Americans pinned down fighting in thousands of meaningless election skirmishes, naively hoping their candidate will be different than all the rest. What most have failed to recognize is that the very same gang of bloodthirsty globalists that controls the Democratic party, also controls the Republicans.  

While we were busy playing their one-party political game, our enemies have been playing a very different, far more deadly game - maneuvering the pieces around the board, surrounding us with:  

  • A crushing tax load - extorted form us at gunpoint - that is draining our very lifeblood,
  • An increasingly worthless fiat currency called the Federal Reserve Note,
  • The 170,000 words of gibberish known as the Patriot Act,
  • High tech snooping methods that can track our every move,
  • Government schools that churn out an annual crop of fearful, obedient servants,
  • The effective federal/corporate merger with big: oil, defense, banking, medical, agri, etc,
  • Our National Guard sent on forced, illegal deployments to the far corners of the earth,
  • Local police that morphed into paramilitary forces to fight the "wars" on drugs and terror,
  • Nearly 100,000 heavily armed, increasingly belligerent federal police to back them up,
  • Twenty million, randomly enforced laws that few of us can even understand,
  • A kangaroo court system where convictions are often a mere formality,
  • Plenty of jail space to cage anyone caught up in their net,
  • To name just a few of their moves. 

This game is just about over folks. They have corralled us into an impossibly tight corner - and can call it a checkmate any time they want. Our fight is no longer about defending our freedom, it is about winning it back! 

To make this an even more perfect form of betrayal, the wardens who rule this American gulag have the oblivious masses standing in line, begging them for permission to tie the knot of their noose! I often have to take a step back and marvel at it all, and just tip my hat and say… 

Man! Those guys are good!  

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Dave Brownlow is Vice Chairman of the Constitution Party of Oregon, and a veteran of three congressional campaigns. He is an engineer, entrepreneur, and 25 year political and pro-life activist. He resides in Damascus, Oregon with Suzanne, his wife of 25 years, and their four children.  He is a regular columnist for Etherzone.

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Published in the June 2, 2008 issue of  Ether Zone.
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