By: Gordon Bishop

The Far Left Radical Liberals and their corrupt media cohorts continue to spew lies after lies after lies on the reporting of events in America.

On August 29, the liberal Associated Press quoted President Obama on the "tragic response "to Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005 that killed more than 1,600 people in Louisiana and Mississippi, and leaving behind more than $40 billion in property damages.

Hurricane Rita followed almost a month later, with billions of dollars in additional damage and at least 11 more deaths.

The liberal media ignored the truth of what actually happened by not mentioning the real problem caused by Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans African-American Mayor Ray Nagin.

Blanco and Nagin failed to respond to President George W. Bush's warning 24 hours before the Hurricane hit New Orleans to start evacuating residents of this popular southern playground.

By ignoring Bush's urgent warning, the mayor and governor failed to use some 1,000 school buses to get the residents out of New Orleans right away.

The Democrat Liberal Mayor obviously blew off Bush, as the Democrat Party had done during Bush's two-terms, eight-years serving as our nation's Commander-in-Chief.

The hatred of Bush blinded liberal public officials as to their sworn duties to protect their towns, counties and states when confronted by disasters.

The hate game continues, even though the Far Left radicals somehow got their guy in the White House last January -- Barack Hussein Obama.

There are countless lawsuits against Obama, including fraudulent election scams (Obama's ACORN organization being the Leader), as well as Obama's failure to show his "birth certificate" to authorities, which the conservative party contends is not a legitimate "U.S. birth certificate."

Obama's latest smear against President Bush was during his vacation on Martha's Vineyard with his family. Here's Obama's own words:

"None of us can forget how we felt when those winds battered the shore, the floodwaters began to rise and Americans were stranded on rooftops and stadiums," Obama said during his weekly radio and Internet address.

"Whole neighborhoods of a great American city were left in ruins. Communities across the Gulf Coast were forever changed. And many Americans questioned whether government could fulfill its responsibility to respond in a crisis."

Government in the case of Katrina happened to be two liberal elected public officials: The Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans.

Had these public officials immediately responded to President Bush's 24-hour warning, this disaster most probably would never had happened.

I'm sick of Obama's sleek rhetoric readings on his popular teleprompter press conferences, written mostly by his sleezy sidekick, David Axelrod.

Most aware Americans are also fed up with the Obama/Axelrod "leadership" controlling the White House mendacious propaganda.

Most recent polls have Obama's ratings falling from the 60s and 70s percent approval, down to below 50 percent.

The majority of America's legal citizens no longer believe what comes out of this guy's partisan mouth. Obama grew up in Indonesia, a Muslim country. He attended both Muslim and Christian schools during his youth.

Obviously, I did not vote for this Chicago U.S. Senator. Chicago just happens to be the most corrupt, crooked city in America, according to criminal statistics.

Obama's financial chairman during his campaign for President was Tony Resko, who was found guilty of "fraudulent activities "during his political operations for Obama.

Resko built two million-dollar mansions in Chicago -- one for himself and one for his next door neighbor, Senator Barack Obama.

Those in the know call this "The Chicago Way."

Unfortunately, "The Chicago Way" is not "The American Way."

I believe most Americans are honest people who are law-abiding citizen.

God Bless America for that!

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Gordon Bishop is a national award-winning author, historian and syndicated columnist," is the recipient of 12 National and 15 State Journalism Awards, including New Jersey’s first "Journalist-of-the-Year" – 1986/New Jersey Press Association. He was presented with the Radio Club of America (RCA) "Broadcast Award" last November.  He is in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the August 31, 2009 issue of  Ether Zone.
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