By: Roderick T. Beaman

Bernard Goldberg has written a book entitled "A Slobbering Love Affair" about the media’s love affair with Barack Obama. There is no question that it is an accurate portrayal of what has happened and is happening with regard to this excuse for a president we now have. The various media, and not just the liberal media, fell down in their jobs on this guy. His entire background should been turned inside out. 

Never before was a candidate with such a history presented to us for national office. Whether for vice-president or president we were never given sufficient information about him and for this the media have disgraced themselves. 

I am not a birther and agree with Bill O’Reilly it would have taken an improbable conspiracy involving Hawaiian newspapers that noted his birth in a Hawaiian hospital, anticipating that he’d be running for president 46 years later. It strains my credulity. 

I am a product of Catholic grammar school education and can still recite certain passages from my Baltimore Catechisms Nos. 1 & 2 by heart. I am sure there are many people like me. I doubt whether there is a Catholic school graduate from as late well into the 1960s who doesn’t remember "Et cum spirito tuo" as the reply to "Dominus vobiscum." This is a token of the prime importance of our first educational experience. 

Barack Obama attended a public grammar school, Besuki, in Indonesia for his first two years. Then he attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School and was home schooled in English through the American Calvert program. 

I see no problem with the last two, but we don’t know what he learned in that Indonesian public school! Had the media been doing their job, we would know. His was the first case of a candidate aspiring to the highest office in the land, whose two first years of education, the most formative, were in an alien culture. Did it not occur to the media that this was an important item for our people? Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world. Was Muslim doctrine taught there? Did it affect his political views? The media should have been all over that entire issue. 

Speaking of which, what are his political views? Is there a general summing up term that describes them? 

I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016 - Obama’s America on the second weekend of its release and found it wanting in answering that question. It did result in a round of applause which would be expected given its appeal of its vaunted anti-Obama message but I thought that the thread linking his father’s likely anti-colonialism to his world view, tenuous, at best, as much as I dislike his politics. 

So, what is his philosophy? Are there hints from his background as to what they are? We don’t know and what we do know is not encouraging.

He started his higher education at Occidental College, a small but respected liberal arts college in Los Angeles. He then transferred to Columbia University where he completed his undergraduate education before entering Harvard Law School. 

And here again, the media didn’t do their job. When I went to college in the 1960s, transfers were very difficult affairs. Transfers to Ivy League institutions were outright formidable. 

One student I knew at New York University tried at least once and I think twice to transfer from our mere elite school to a far more prestigious Ivy League college and perhaps several of them. He was rejected for all and here was a student who was on a path to be selected for Phi Beta Kappa, the national college honor fraternity. 

That gives you an idea of how difficult it was to transfer to an Ivy school yet Barack Obama was accepted as a transfer to Columbia, a college often rated fourth in the country in US News & World Report’s annual ranking. Did Columbia relax its standards over a course of just two decades or was something else at work that permitted him to do it? 

We don’t know and we should. If the media weren’t all over that story, then the Republicans should have been all over it either in 2008 or in the years since. They’ve had all this time to ferret out the information. If Obama’s forces had blocked access to those records, as rumored, that should have been made news. They all fell down on their jobs. 

Columbia University is a case study in and of itself. It has been a hotbed of radicalism since the 1920s. Franklin D. Roosevelt drew much of his ‘brain trust’ from Columbia. Rexford Tugwell, one of his chief advisors had been a professor there. He despised the free market, expressing open admiration for Josip Stalin and Benito Mussolini and their suppression of political liberty. There were others. Some of the worst campus riots in the 1960s occurred at Columbia. It’s traditions are as chicly radical as any American college. 

Barack Obama also came under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis. A poet and author of a pornographic novel, Davis was a long time newspaper columnist. He was also a full bore communist for much of his adult life and remained an unrepentant one until his death. He wrote flattering poetry about Stalin and Mao. This has been well known by the news media yet it remains unpublicized by everyone! 

Has that exposure affected Barack Obama? His rhetoric and record bespeak a philosophy rooted in Marxism. 

Barack Obama came up through the Chicago Democratic political machine, notorious for being among the most corrupt in the country, a reputation earned decades ago. Tom Brokaw once joked that Chicago was called such a political city that in every election the dead voted once and the living voted twice. It was under the original Mayor Richard Daley that the saying, "Vote early and often" developed. 

In every other state, in national elections, the urban vote came in first and the rural vote later. Not so in Illinois. Daley would withhold the Cook Country results to see if the results could be ‘adjusted’ to swing the state into the Democratic column which bring him added influence in Washington for pork.

Obama came up through that. His rise was meteoric. Who did he owe? 

Then there was the Bill Ayers-Bernadine Dohrn connection the media never investigated. Obama began his first political campaign in Ayer’s living room. Dohrn and Ayers were New Left terrorists in the 1960s. 

There has been a tendency in American politics to lionize and develop personality cults around liberal Democrats with Ivy League backgrounds and the mainstream media overlook any unpleasantries in their backgrounds. Never was this truer than with Barack H. Obama. 

History has been very kind to FDR despite his disastrous economic management that prolonged the Depression by years but at least he had been governor of the nation’s largest state at the time, New York, and Undersecretary of The Navy. John Kennedy had a decent legislative record and William Clinton had extensive executive background as governor of Arkansas. 

Barack Obama’s portfolio was as thin a strand of linguine and his background more suspect than any president in history. He unhesitatingly associated with terrorists, communists and others of a sordid nature, yet he got away with all of it. The Left got him a pass. But you have to give him credit, he got away with the most successful political con job in American history. 

Face it, everyone. We’ve been had.

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Dr. Roderick T. Beaman is an osteopathic family physician practicing in Jacksonville, Florida. Born in New York City, he attended New York University as an undergraduate. A recipient of a 2003 Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award, he has had dreams (delusions?) of becoming a writer. He has written a novel that he has given up hope of ever getting published and so has made it available for the asking through  He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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