By: Gordon Bishop

My wife, a teacher, and I, saw the movie based on Barack Hussein Obama during the Labor Day weekend.

This amazing film exposed the REAL BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

It was not pretty.

Actually, it was scary, shocking and an attack on the United States of America by our fraudulent "president"--Barack Hussein Obama, and his crooked thugs from his American home base--Chicago, the most crooked city in America.

The Obama's America movie showed how Obama got elected (illegally, of course), and where he came from and how he was elected (illegally, or course).

What Obama's henchmen did to assure his election was to infiltrate 13 States with Obama's corrupt ACORN operation.

What the movie failed to do was to follow up his anti-American election by filing a lawsuit before the United States Supreme Court.

Once he was elected, it was too late to file a lawsuit because, as "president" he controlled the White House--the most powerful political base in the world.

It was too late: "Bye-Bye America" and welcome Obama's socialist, Marxist and Communist gang running the USA.

This was definitely a TRANSITIONAL victory in the history of America since the American Revolution.

As a fiscal conservative, I was ready to leave my home country and move to Switzerland or some other rational nation.

My wife convinced me to stay and fight the battle against this British citizen born in Kenya and already has bankrupted this once powerful  and prosperous nation founded on FREEDOM and the U.S. Constitution.

Obama lives in an Islamic World where he once did belong (and still does).

Americans still have time to turn the tides on this Oreo Cookie from Kenya and Chicago.

That day is coming fast: November 2nd--Presidential Election Day.

Unfortunately, Obama's ACORN gang will try to send as many illegal immigrants to the voting booths to vote for this most power-hungry president in U.S. History!

Congress must pass a law that only American citizens with citizen identification can pull the lever in a voting booth.

Of course, Obama's Chicago MOB will do everything it can to stop the ID requirement for voting.

What bothers me the most is that the liberal Democrat Party never vetted Obama to check on his mysterious  backround.

Blame the leftist-controlled Democrat Party for launching Obama's illegal career.

I'm old enough to have voted for President John F. Kennedy when a Democrat was not considered 100 percent corrupt.

The same with Democrat President Harry (S) Truman, an honest man who worked as a salesman selling clothes in Missouri. Truman was Real -- and admired by most Americans.

The Democrat Party today has lost its heart and soul and will do anything to remain in control of this once precious land of the free and the brave.

All I can say, as usual, is: GOD BLESS AMERICA!

PS/Does Obama believe in a God?

He doesn't wear an American Flag on his shirts or coats--that's how much Obama HATES America!

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Gordon Bishop is a national award-winning author, historian and syndicated columnist," is the recipient of 12 National and 15 State Journalism Awards, including New Jersey’s first "Journalist-of-the-Year" – 1986/New Jersey Press Association. He was presented with the Radio Club of America (RCA) "Broadcast Award" last November.  He is in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the September 6, 2012 issue of  Ether Zone.
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