By: Al Cronkrite

Gerald Celente claims World War III has begun, Vaclac Klaus says Europe has given up on Democracy; other sources have acknowledged its demise. 

Riots are breaking out around the world.   A new kind of war has begun.

Chaos has been the intent of the power structure for many years.  The United States government has prepared a legal structure to control an uprising.   Police forces have been militarized and federalized, National Guard units are under government control, Canada has agreed to join in putting down rebellion, various agencies of the government have purchased billions of rounds of ammunition, check point structures have been obtained, burial containers have been stockpiled, and detention camps have been constructed.

Leaders, including our government, are urging citizens to prepare for disasters. Celente recommends gold, guns, and a getaway plan.  Gold is widely accepted as a hedge against inflation and chaos.  Many are recommending that we become self-sufficient by learning to grow our own foods and care for our own health. There is fear that our food supply is being polluted with genetic modifications and contaminated imports. Water is gaining value and the price of fertile farm land is skyrocketing.

The war is between the ninety-nine percent who work and produce the world’s products and the one percent who accumulate the wealth and power.  The faceless one percent is in the process of exerting world-wide control over the ninety-nine percent.  Massive amounts of wealth are being transferred and grinding controls are being put in place.

There have been riots in Spain and Greece; governments overthrown by U. S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are unstable and under siege.  In Libya, our ambassador was kidnapped and slain.  Chaos abounds in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco, and even potentially in Saudi Arabia.

As the wealth transfer (debt crisis) continues and major nations begin to feel the pain additional unrest is inevitable.  It will finally spread to the United States, England, France, and Germany.  It has been foreseen and preparations have been made.   WWIII involves an effort to gain control of the world. 

The United States of America is a strategic part of this new world war.  Our media is pumping out lies and propaganda because it is part of the one percent; it is owned by conspirators and populated with talented individuals who have sold their souls to the same devil that is loose in our government.  Like a nation of Zombies our elected officials support the lies, live the lies, and betray their trust to the liars.  It is a charade of great magnitude so big that a few decades ago everyone would have thought such mendacity would be impossible.

The rewards are great for participating in the biggest lie in the history of the world.  Last year the Obama family spent $1.4 billion of taxpayer money.  President Obama has spent three months of his presidency playing golf.  Each outing involves a retinue of friends, several earth vehicles and often the presidential airplane as well.  Foreign trips are even more expensive; a two day trip to India may have cost taxpayers $200 million a day.

Ambitious, money conscious, Westerners, sans immutable restraint, easily succumb to the wiles of a wealthy life and because their souls are secular they sell them cheaply to the evil god of this world.  Such people are incapable of governing themselves.

Those predicting the end of Democracy seem concerned.  But students of good government should rise up and cheer!  Our Founders hated Democracy and rightfully contended that it would lead to tyranny.  Change agents have been so successful in destroying our government that the Word Republic has been forgotten, almost universally replaced by a misnomer called Democracy.  Our Founders gave us a Constitution designed to guide and restrain the actions of government.   Since law is harder to manipulate than people, the world government power elite have succeeded in convincing too many of our citizens that we are a Democracy and must abide by the will of the people.  The will of the people places the lesser half of society in tyranny to the remainder and in a nation like ours where the press is controlled, Democracy is a controllable sham.   WWIII is a war against national sovereignty.  On one side is the existing legal structure of the nations of the world, on the other side is the world power structure (one percent) seeking to make their word law. 

While being destroyed socially and financially our nation is being used as a military unit to captivate the few remaining independent nation/states.   We are engaged in worldwide aggressive warfare under the aegis of bringing Democracy to the world and the “Democracy” we are intent on constructing will be controllable.  The same puppet masters that are pulling the strings of our government want to replicate it in other nations so their puppet show will have more characters. 

American citizens who believe that working to elect one political party or the other can create a change in our nation are seriously deluded.  The candidates were pre-selected, the winner is controlled by the media that is owned by the power elite, votes are counted by machines that are made by the power elite, and the results are announced by media under the same control.  You can be sure the person elected will enter office with strings in the hands of the same puppet masters.

The loss of our industrial base depicts the massive power of the people that control our government and our lives.  Consider the blunt malevolent force needed to rob the world’s richest nation of a substantial portion of its wealth and do it with absolute impunity; the power to throw thousands of people out of work and to substantially reduce the standard of living of the entire middle class.  The power to reduce the life saving of millions of industrious workers to almost zero making it impossible for elderly Americans to enjoy the rewards of their sacrifice.  The power to obligate already victimized American citizens for trillions of dollars showered on banks owned by the robber barons while those same citizens drive their vehicles over pot holed roads and unsafe bridges. 

We have allowed these denizens of darkness to render our Constitution anachronistic.  Our elected officials exist and function in a sea of mendacity, our media, an arm of the power elite, determines what we see and hear; and our government dances to our detriment.  We are fighting an unnecessary costly war and the government has made the populace dependent to an extent that cannot be sustained.  We are in serious trouble and many of us are still under the spell of the malevolent power structure.

Democracy has reached its destination; we are under the evil hand of tyranny. Time to wake up and hear the cry of dying freedom!

The end of Democracy is good; the end of freedom is bad! 

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Published in the October 12, 2012 issue of  Ether Zone.
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