By: Al Cronkrite

“Our media is pumping out lies and propaganda because it is part of the one percent; it is owned by conspirators and populated with talented individuals who have sold their souls to the same devil that is loose in our government. Like a nation of Zombies our elected officials support the lies, live the lies, and betray their trust to the liars. It is a charade of great magnitude so big that a few decades ago everyone would have thought such mendacity would be impossible.” From my essay “The End of Democracy” 

“His watchmen are blind, all of them know nothing.  All of them are dumb dogs unable to bark, dreamers lying down, who love to slumber; and the dogs are greedy, they are not satisfied.   And they are shepherds who have no understanding; they have all turned to their own way, each one to his unjust gain, to the last one.  ‘Come,’ they say, ‘let us get wine, and let us drink heavily of strong drink; and tomorrow will be like today, only more so.’”  Isaiah 56: 10-12

Some years ago, as the sun shone on an office building window, someone noticed that the reflection looked like the Virgin Mary.  Believers in apparitions soon gathered in great numbers to see the “miracle”.  Some saw her weeping.  The story gained media attention and hundreds were convinced it was a genuine miracle.

While not debunking the origin of this particular apparition it is plain that God’s human creations are vulnerable to believing all sorts of things that have no basis in fact; especially when the false beliefs fulfill a subliminal desire.

There are millions of United States citizens whose cherished beliefs are unshakeable but patently false: 

We believe Arabs are our enemies though they lack the resources to threaten us and, before recent provocations, have never done so.  We support the Middle East War because we entertain the illusion that they hate us for our freedom and intend to attack us.

We hate Arab immigrants and fear Sharia law while it is neo-Con hegemony in our own government that has encoded the cultural deteriorating principles of multi-culturalism allowing Muslims legal entrance into our nation.

We believe illegitimate, neo-Israel is our friend and Jews are a persecuted people deserving our sympathy when, in reality, neo-Israel, founded against the will of Arabs who had owned and occupied the land for centuries, has gained control of the power centers of our nation and is using us for its own evil purposes.  Jews, the world’s most powerful race, hate us and our Christian religion with a Devilish passion. 

We believe a group of Arabs planned and executed the 9/11 travesty because they hate us for our freedom when there is irrefutable evidence that the murder of thousands of U. S. citizens on that ignoble day was a false flag operation, that may have been conducted by our Israeli comrades to bring on the Middle East War. 

Hundreds of thousands of government employees along with a lesser number of media mavens live, breath, sleep and act as if the shaky government story on 9/11 is factual; purposely refusing to report or even consider mountains of data that refute it. 

Millions of Evangelical Christians believe the heretical theology of Dispensationalism which supports contemporary Pharisees who hate and seek to destroy the Christianity Evangelicals claim to cherish.

Both candidates for President of the United States vow to support the afore-mentioned Zionist cabal to the detriment of our nation; sacrificing the lives our young men, ruining our reputation, deteriorating our morals, and bankrupting the government.  One of these illusion filled individuals will become the stooge that governs United States of America.

While encouraging us to conserve energy to prevent depleting our resources, the ruling elite has exported our manufacturing to China cluttering our highways with trucks and requiring the shipment of millions of tons of product half way around the world in the most inefficient, energy consuming system imaginable.

Christians, even the few that actually claim The One True God is sovereign, deify the government by forgetting God and seeking salvation from a government idol.

Weather gurus, harnessed to our underhanded media, keep us posted on outside conditions but fail to address Chemtrails which are plainly visible but universally ignored.

While our elected representatives claim they are satisfied that President Obama was born in the United States the president continues to create suspicion by hiding his Passport and Educational records.

Christians claim to “believe in God” but act as if He is their servant rather than they His.

Wives often live as if everything is normal while their husbands philander.  Christian pastors who are homosexual or see prostitutes often have wives who act as if all is well.   Internet pornography is a captivating vice that festers in families that ignore its dangers. Gambling bankrupts other deluded homes.     

Illusion is a common condition.  We are born with the ability to fanaticize.  It produces great novels, plays, music, and operas. When it is recognized, properly labeled and properly used, it can be an entertaining diversion offering relief from the tedium of everyday life.  But when it invades the decisions of authority centers it is a shifting, toxic foundation that creates chaos by destroying the ability to reach sound conclusions.

Some illusion is a result of planned deception and manipulation; some is a result of intentional evasion; some is useful human diversion; some is a result of coercion; and, some enhances artistic endeavors. 

Toxic illusion is deeply entrenched in our nation.  We have ignored it too long.  Much of what we believe is fictitious.

Seeing 435 congresspersons, 100 senators, and 8 justices with little American flags prominently pinned on their garb acting as if the government agenda is unquestionable when their computers are exploding with contrary data is a curious phenomenon.  It is unanimously assumed that 9/11 was a malicious al-Qaeda attack on our nation resulting in the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the deaths of three thousand people.  The validity of this scenario is never seriously questioned even though it has been refuted by hundreds of reputable engineers and thousands of citizens.    Illusion encompasses our entire government.

Government, a human administration of power, if it is not properly critiqued tends toward imperialism.   The Christian Church is responsible for the continuity of freedom by regularly comparing government actions with the Word of God.  Unfortunately, the Christian Church is as deep into fantasy as the government they are supposed to critique. Contemporary Christians have never learned to swim; instead they wade about in neophytic shallow water unable to swim into the sea of Godly service and reach the distant shore and the commendation “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant”!  

God wants us to evangelize, He wants to fill us with His Spirit and He wants us to praise Him, however, before all of this He wants us to obey and serve Him.  We cannot serve Him until we obey Him.  Learning to swim is learning to obey, it allows a Christian to leave the shallow water and enter the deeper water of service.  Obedience is a prerequisite to service.  Obedience to human law without regard for God’s Law leaves us in shallow water.  Mass Christian conversions are of little use when the converts are not obedient.

Christians who claim that God “speaks” to them are always subject to indwelling sin.   Personal guidance is real but it is always questionable and not the same as obedience.  Obedience involves the Law God gave to Moses which is recorded in our Bible and which is the same today as it was when it was given to Moses.  It is a solid platform not subject to the darkness of the fallen human spirit.  Obedience to God’s Law is the deep water of the Gospel.   Those who depend on personal guidance will always remain in the shallows and the Christian religion will remain with them.

Christians define it as sin but regardless of its name we all have a tendency to choose a lie and allow it to distort our actions.  Too many citizens cling to the belief that their elected officials would deceive them or act against the interests of the nation.  When this subliminal tendency is exploited by the cunning owners of our press and media the result is disastrous; a majority of our citizens are deceived into acting against and fighting the Will of God and their own better interests!  It is not what they know that causes the problem but what they don’t know, are not told, and sometimes do not want to know.

R. J. Rushdoony wrote several volumes of daily devotional readings entitled “A Word in Season”.   These reading are unique because they apply God’s Word to our actions and the actions of society.  He compares our generation to the ancient Israeli generation that Moses led from Egypt.  God would not allow this generation of former Egyptian residents to enter the Promised Land because they were unfit for freedom.  They were more concerned about access to cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic than the freedom of the Promised Land.   He ends the short reading with this question: “Will we too perish in a desert of our own making because we reject the responsibilities of faith and freedom?”

Unfortunately we have been and are doing so!

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