By: R.A. Hawkins

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.”   ---- Andre Gide 

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.”   ----  Otto von Bismark 

I do believe Obama is almost sincere when he says it’s not a tax when he refers to Chief Justice Roberts’ rewrite of Obamacare to give it a free pass. This is his “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is moment. When I say almost sincere I mean he’s not quite to Clinton’s point of reference. Clinton had a tendency to lie when he would have been better served by the truth. He wasn’t sharp enough to consider the consequences of running his mouth to cover up for his out of control libido. Instead of lusting for women, Obama lusts for power. I believe Obama lies, knowing full well what he’s doing with his lies. I believe that not only does he know exactly what he’s doing, but that he has a great deal of help in making these decisions that are so destructive to America. A good example is his new drilling plan for oil. It’s not getting anywhere near Alaska’s potential but it’s sort of increasing drilling in the gulf. The only reason he suddenly has a plan is that it’s part of his disastrous record. The record he has to avoid, which is why I’m bringing it up right now. Now he can make it look like he’s fixing something and then bait and switch after the election as usual. I mentioned someone was helping him make all of those decisions. Communists masquerading as environmentalists are who is helping him…again. The drilling plan is a five year plan. Remember that the communist nations always had five year plans. I’m sure he’s also trying to make it look like he has something/anything mapped out for the nation since his administration has been a complete and total random train wreck so far.

Right now he has painted himself into a corner and there’s no way out. Hollywood is turning on him so he has to go to the stars to see if they’re dumb enough to give him money. Fortunately for him, but not for us, they are that dumb. On a more positive note, the release date for the movie about removing Osama Bin Laden has been changed from this fall until after the election. I guess even the Hollywood executives realize that they’re tanking because the economy is. Maybe if they had included a few lessons on the USDA webpage showing people how to make small purchases to build up cash with change so they could go to the movies too this wouldn’t have had to happen. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/28/food-stamp-programs-promoting-with-parties-games/  So ….  that’s one bump he isn’t going to get just before the election. He was also going to make a final decision on Iran in June. Putin punked him and made the decision for him. He also told him to stay out of Syria. Maybe he shouldn’t have signaled Russia he was ready to bow down to them too after the election with that open microphone “I will be able to be more flexible about the missiles after my re-election” screw up. Since last year Obama and Soros have wrecked the Mideast. Remember that declaration by Putin that Soros was an economic terrorist as he issued the international arrest warrant? He hasn’t really gone after Soros has he? ‘False enemies’ is an old school KGB tactic. I’m not surprised one bit that Soros is still out there trashing the west.

Angular momentum describes the fate of the current administration quite accurately. They doubled down on the dumb and raised taxes on families that are already struggling to get by. Once those families see what their new tax burden is they’re going to go nuts. Obama was smart enough to make sure they wouldn’t find out until after the next election. Fast and Furious? Wow! He is about to get owned by his very own Watergate. Obama has to be tied up in this very deeply for him to block access to the records through Executive Privilege. Yup! It’s his Watergate. He owns it and it’s about to own him. His entire record is going to be used to beat him senseless in this campaign. I’m good with that because the mere thought of the possibility of Supreme Court Justice Holder or Clinton just disgusts me. In the next election it will come down to two people. Either Romney or Obama will win. I suspect that Romney will undo all or a good portion of the red tape that’s been choking us down economically, but he won’t do it for constitutional reasons so much as for business reasons. The reason we got to be such a successful nation was the constitution, which allows for good business instead of feeding the Solyndras out there while killing the proven businesses.

That’s right I mentioned angular momentum didn’t I. That’s what causes the motion in the bottom of a toilet. All of this spinning combined with the sinking is caused by the fact that the world keeps turning as his popularity sinks and the facts continue to leak out because the facts reach escape velocity with all of that spinning. In this election I want to make sure we have a total repudiation of the leftist policies by removing all of them as fast as we can. While we’re at it we need to take the Republican Party back from the inside. You know those RINOS that do exactly what the party tells them to do? Take the party back and we tell them what to do… again. In Pearl River County, Mississippi the local Republican executive committee was tossed out and replaced by real conservative citizens. In Forrest County, Mississippi they had a 45% change out. Remember to hold that handle down a little longer in this election and get involved. It’s up to us.

“Work and struggle and never accept an evil that you can change.”

---- Andre Gide

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