By: R.A. Hawkins

I can’t remember a time when I’ve enjoyed watching a speech more than I enjoyed watching Clint Eastwood. His comment about conservatives playing it closer to the chest and not hot dogging it was quite accurate. As he began to speak I had no idea that he would have me laughing the way he did. The attitude and comments he attributed to the empty chair display the level of class we’ve all sadly come to expect from this administration. The classlessness was evident from the moment he took office. There was good Ole Rahm Emanuel flipping the bird at the inauguration. Although the words haven’t been there throughout the last almost four miserable years the attitude has.

The moment the leftwing media started talking about the commentary/presentation I knew he’d scored a direct hit. They tried to say that he took longer than he was supposed to and that he had embarrassed the RNC…possibly even ruined it. When that didn’t work they tried to say that Clint had taken away from Romney and Ryan. Once again the stench of desperation was a wonderful thing to me. I am feeling hope for the first time in a while. What was apparent was the presence of Alinksy.

Early on in this mess I purchased a book called “Cooking Alinsky’s Goose”. One of the points made in that book was that in order to be easily taught to radicals, Alinsky’s tactics have to be stripped from the ideology. That is also a concept one recognizes early on when reading “Rules for Radicals”. What has happened is that we have picked up their methods, but fortunately not at the level the leftists use. What I saw at the RNC was recognition of what they were up against. There was another point in this campaign cycle where it was obvious they weren’t going to let the left set the rhythm.

About two months before the RNC the leftwing pundits began trying to guess who Romney’s choice for VP would be. It was pretty amusing because the Romney campaign didn’t leak for even a moment. This forced the left to continue to guess, at times throwing out ridiculous suggestions in an attempt to force the Republican Party to say something. That didn’t work. They held their cards and let the left look stupid, which is what happens in times like these. There were several reasons the left was trying to get the guy’s name ASAP. The big one however was so they could start building up a file on whoever it was going to be. Once they know who it’s going to be they have a central point of focus and can get to work. Up until then they’re wasting time and money, which is a good thing.

I recently got into a great online squabble over who was better for President and why. In the end it came down to several things, one of which is the level of disrespect our President has for our flag, which is a symbol of our country. Everything he’s done has denigrated his office and this country. The subject also came up as to what his life accomplishments are. He, like Bill Clinton, is a lawyer that no longer has a license to practice. What is interesting about the license issue is how snopes.com handled it. They said neither of the Obama’s licenses have been revoked. That’s true, but misleading as they had to put one of them on inactive status and the other one retired. That’s snopes for you though. Fairly imbalanced. Other accomplishments for Obama are being an absentee Senator who got to the Senate by being a community organizer. A community organizer is good at only one thing and that’s sticking an outboard motor in the social cesspool and revving it up. Their primary product is cohesive anger, rage and angst. In short it’s all about the attitude and getting everybody who can be turned to your cause to where they’re marching lockstep towards a totalitarian state. 

Romney on the other hand knows how to run a company and how to get things done. He won’t be fiddling while Rome burns and his czars run amok. He’ll be working to get rid of the moronic EPA restrictions which are designed to hobble us. He wasn’t mentored by the likes of Ayers and all of the other radicals the media intentionally ignored during the campaign and for the last four years. In short, he’s actually done something with his life.

Now here’s a nice example of the difference between the two candidates. Obama says that Romney will never be able to meet the energy needs of this country with his plan because he won’t require the automakers to live up to the absurd new standards that Obama has implemented. That’s the vacationing empty chair’s view point. Romney’s viewpoint is that the states should be allowed to control their own oil resources. Obama wants to choke us down and Romney wants to get us going.

I’d like to add that Obama isn’t against drilling for oil. He’s just against drilling for oil in the United States. He’s given tons of money to other countries so they can drill and sell to anyone they want at whatever price they want, including us! He has done this while shutting down U.S. oil rigs and putting U.S. oil workers out of work. Go see “Obama’s America: 2016” to understand what he’s really up to and why you need to dump the existing media. You will also understand why this election is about removing a threat and is not the appropriate time for protest votes.

Below are some informative links that I believe everyone should check out. 

This is the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony where their disdain for the flag as well as the Memorial Ceremony itself is evident:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=himdd630f_M 

Here’s the link to the Lawyers license

This is the home page to the film “Obama’s America 2016”

Here’s another good film regarding this election cycle

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