By: R.A. Hawkins

Our first true glimpse of Bill Clinton was when he decided to get a haircut on a runway at LAX without considering the consequences of his actions. He had the pilot land Air Force One on the tarmac at LAX, a major west coast hub for air traffic, so that he could get a haircut by a ‘special’ person from Hollywood. This one act shut the airport down until he left. In a strange way it did help to bring the man into focus. It was another one of those things that he would do for no reason other than ‘just because he could’. Dee Dee Meyers said that this didn’t shut the airport down but there are a lot of other opinions as to what actually happened that day. The one who is credited by many with starting the story that the airport was completely shut down was none other than Jayson Blair. Now there’s a name we all learned to trust. That being said, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. He had a tendency to take from other peoples work. (*2)

The first things the Clintons tried to remedy after that all-important haircut was the absence of socialized medicine and the open absence of gays in our military. Bill put Hillary in charge of medical reform.

Hillary had it all planned out: She and her friends were going to have a bus ride across America and convert all of us to socialism by dangling an inadequate and ill-conceived medical system in our faces like it was a National Treasure. Every place they went they ran into a very organized and hostile resistance and the driver (Hillary) had to hit the brakes. The grand bus tour ended before it ever really got moving.

Bill was working the most important thing he could think of during this time, which was ensuring he had the appropriate number of gays on his staff. He was even kind enough to out all of them in a photo-op. He also did his best to make sure there were gays in the military. In the end his ‘Gays in The Military’ policy ended pretty much like it started. The new policy was ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’. The end result of that new policy was that he had opened a wound and left it at that. He milked it for publicity and walked away. That was a pattern that would be repeated often.

In ‘The Secret Life of Bill Clinton’ the author mentions that Vince Foster said he was afraid he had gotten those people killed at Waco. His wife mentioned his apparent concerns to the investigators, but for some reason her comments didn’t make it into the reports. I couldn’t figure out what he could have meant when he said that, until I remembered what was going on at that time. Hillary was waiting to take her magic bus ride across America during the Waco standoff. One can’t help but wonder if the people at Waco taking the spotlight bothered somebody. We also had the first World Trade Center just before the standoff. This was the first Mid-Eastern attack in the U.S. If all of this wasn’t a harbinger of things to come, I don’t know what is.

Before Bill Clinton reached his mid-term election he had to have some hallmark accomplishment. He managed to pass the assault weapons ban all of the way through Congress and then sign it into law. A day or so before the law was to be signed some nut decided to fly an airplane into the Clintons bedroom window. The guy apparently wasn’t an avid reader of the local paper.  If he had been, he would have known they weren’t home that night. Their room was being redone. There was a bit of irony that many people missed out on however. The President was the most avid supporter of gun control, licensing and owner registration, and was attacked by some nut in an airplane. Airplanes are one of the most heavily monitored items for registration, safety, etc. The pilots of airplanes are given numerous tests and lessons before they even get to leave the ground. To those paying attention it brought home the point that it’s the person, not the weapon. It also brought home the point that anything can be a weapon.

I found it to be rather amusing listening to the media spin regarding the incident the next day. One reporter said that there was no place for the poor guy to land because there were bleachers set up to celebrate the signing of the assault weapons ban. That was one of the few times in the early part of the Clinton administration where I actually laughed. The sad part is that the reporter was trying to be serious. We were all supposed to believe that some guy was simply trying to land a plane so he could be there early for the next day’s festivities. 

Waco and its aftermath, combined with the assault weapons ban, did not resonate with the populace too terribly well. 

Bill Clinton was so deeply loved and adored by the time he reached mid-term that after the election we had a Republican conservative majority in both houses for the first time in forty years. Being a conservative, I thought that was a plus. One can’t help but wonder whose side he was really on. During the run up to that election he got out there and stumped for all of his Democrat buddies and it was like poison. He obviously thought he was loved by the adoring masses. As they entered the election he was just as certain the Democrats were going to win as General John Sedgwick was at the battle of Spotsylvania in 1864 when he said, “Why they couldn’t even hit an elephant at this dist………” Those were his last words as he was blown out of his saddle. General Sedgwick was wrong too.  

The Clintons didn’t take this change of events with the kind of grace one has over the years grown to expect of normal people in their position. They actually had the nerve to force Newt Gingrich to debark Air Force One from the back door. To me this showed the true character of the Clintons. Bad behavior isn’t something that just happens. It is something that bleeds through the facade we show to the rest of the world. It is the real thing that shows when we drop our guard.  

(*2) This link no longer works…Go figure http://abcnews.go.com/onair/nightline/clintonyears/clinton/anecdotes/2.html#10

This one does work though, but it’s from George Soros funded media matters. If you read the entire thing you will notice the spin.http://mediamatters.org/research/2007/02/09/ny-times-rehashed-pres-clinton-haircut-myth/138002

Here is another from the actual time frame of the event.


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