By: Frederick Meekins

Christian School Propagandizes On Behalf Of Trayvon Martin 

At Clinton Christian school in the Maryland suburbs outside of Washington, DC, students gathered in hoodies at a makeshift prayer vigil in support of Trayvon Martin. 

Does the school intend to hold a rally in support of George Zimmerman as well if it turns out Martin instigated the physical aspect of the confrontation?

More importantly, does the school intend to hold a rally in support of the elderly couple that fled their home following death threats after Spike Lee posted the incorrect address for what the racially obsessed film producer thought was the alleged gunman's father? 

It must also be asked, with the way things are done in Christian schools in order to coerce mass conformity, what threats were leveled against students not wanting to participate in such blatant activism? 

It was been reported that Mr. Martin vandalized his school with graffiti and may have possessed on school premises a bag containing marijuana residue. 

Back in my day where I attended Christian school, the ENTIRE student body would be denied the “privilege” of expelling concentrated metabolic and digestive wastes at the preferred time of one’s own body over less. 

Though it is regrettable that Trayvon Martin perished in an altercation he may have instigated, it is rather ironic that a Christian school would elevate as worthy of adoration and emulation a figure that in all likelihood would have been expelled for his behavior. 

Devoted Christian parents spend good money to protect their offspring from the manipulative debasement of American culture taking place in the public schools. 

Any private school that allows such one-sided grandstanding to take place before all the facts have been established has betrayed not only this financial trust but also the sacred aide parents plead for in assisting them to raise their offspring in light of values honoring to both God and country.

Boomeranging Your Own Business

In discussing the phenomena of boomerang children where young adults return to live with their parents, the hosts of the WMAL morning show conducted the discussion as if the trend was disgusting and shameful.

It was even asked if those engaged in the practice ought to be embarrassed.

Did this particular program take a similar tone discussing the Flukeys out having so much sex that they demand that birth control be provided for them at public expense?

Has it been asked on this station if those having children outside of marriage ought to be embarrassed or the increasing number shacking-up without sanction of matrimony?

These practices are condemned from the pages of Scripture and religious tradition.

On the other hand, provided the young adults are not abusing their parents or on the public dole as a result of their own indolence, the pages of Holy Writ are quite silent regarding young adults that decide to live with their parents.

The Hebrew Patriarchs such as Isaac lived with their parents well into their adulthoods.

Interesting, when it happens to be regular Americans that are usually White in terms of their ethnic backgrounds and genetic phenotypes that live together as extended family it is apparently a living arrangement one step above cultic or abusive in terms of social condemnation.

However, if nearly entire Central American villages pile into single family domiciles, one is denounced as racist or jingoistic if one reacts with anything other than fawning praise of how beautifully family oriented and delightfully communal for a practice that drags essentially drags down property values and makes neighborhoods less desirable places in which to live.

Do Ultrapious Want To Silence Women?

An associate has raised the issue if it is proper for a woman to express her disagreement with the pastor over an ecclesiastical concern. 

I say let a couple of deacons place a pillowcase over her head and drag her down to the kitchen. 

Some scullion duty should silence her spiteful tongue. 

What's gotten into women these days thinking they can just speak to any man they aren't even related to? 

Seriously though, there is nothing in Scripture forbidding a woman from sharing thoughts and concerns with the pastor.

 I Corinthians 14:34 says, "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak...And if they will lean any thing, let them ask their husbands at home; for it is a shame for women to speak in the church." 

This would seem to indicate during the church service. 

Would pastors rather for the sake of their own egos prefer women to lie as women walk out the church door and act as if all things are hunky-dory? 

If this injunction is to be absolute, shouldn’t we also condemn those women congratulating the pastor as to how wonderful they found the message to be?  

I guess soon, as in the case of Barbara Streisand and pre-World War II Japanese emperors, we mere lay people won’t even be allowed to gaze upon clergy.

Quips & Observations

Is "John Carter of Mars" really as bad a film as critics suggest?  Or is it that the story makes the unforgivable suggestion that there are malevolent, largely unseen, elements orchestrating the rise and fall of great powers as they plot the world's overall destruction?

The head of the NAACP is flying to Switzerland to sing to a UN human rights organization of how nobody knows the troubles he's seen.  It seems laws in America requiring not only that shiftless deadbeats must show identification but that also make provision for state personnel to chauffer you to get your ID are an atrocity of near historic proportions.   Wouldn't UN efforts be better directed at investigating other alleged outrages such as the forced virginity examinations in Egypt?

A Gingrich campaign ad mocks Mitt Romney by insinuating that the former Massachusetts governor isn't the type to pump his own gas.  And you are going to tell me Gingrich pumps his own regularly?  And what about Gingrich's high maintenance ball-and-chain?   Didn’t he about go into bankruptcy trying to placate her with fancy trinkets?

A public service announcement sponsored by Frau Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign is urging parents to manipulate children into getting them to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables per day since parents are the ones that tell children what to do.  Since the government is the one telling the parents what to do, doesn’t that mean these agencies are manipulating adults in a similar manner from a standpoint of condescending superiority?

Former Obama propagandist Anita Dunn says the White House constitutes a hostile work environment towards women.  As a professed admirer of Mao, I guess she doesn’t find mass murder and forced abortion all that intimidating or a deprivation of fundamental human liberties.

Religious leftists will no doubt work themselves up into an outrage that most Southerners still don’t cotton up to the notion of interracial marriage.  It is claimed there is nothing in Scripture forbidding the individual from believing in interracial marriage.  But neither is there anything in the Bible saying that you are required to believe in it.

A confidant saw a likely Obama voter at an area Walmart take a roll-on deodorant, apply it to his armpits, and then return the item to the shelf.

In a public restroom, these new cylon sinks are a delight as one doesn't have to touch a filthy faucet for the water to turn on.  However, the question must be asked. At some time in the future, will government force this upgrade on the residential sector?  No longer would individuals be allowed to determine for themselves whether the water will be cold or hot.  Instead, a bureaucrat will determine the tepid in between.  Don't laugh.  Need one be reminded of low flush toilets?  Already, utility authorities are taking steps through the proliferation of so-called "smart meters" so that they might ultimately be the ones to make your climate control decisions for you.  Eventually, those insisting on determining for themselves the temperature of their water will be painted as opposing energy conservation or exhibiting insensitivity to childhood burn prevention.

If trollops in Virginia can afford to pay for their abortions, they can afford to pay for their own ultrasounds.  If they are so poor, perhaps they should have a second job which would likely leave less time for fornication or adultery.

MSNBC analyst Karen Finney said conservative values are code words for promoting racism.  If so, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism are euphemisms for the deprivation of property, expression, and conscience.

Since Megan McCain has posed for Playboy and confessed to be a woman of questionable virtue, is it still a public outrage to categorize her as a slut?

Doesn't replacing recycle bins with new recycle bins when the old recycle bins are still functional undermine the spirit of a recycling program?

Hillary Clinton insisted that violence against women is "not cultural, it's criminal."  However, such an assertion is only valid if the principles upon which Western civilization rests are superior to those espoused by competing societies and ways of life.

Unless there is some audible voice indisputably from Heaven saying a steel frame nearly falling on Sandra Day O'Connor during her visit to the National Constitution Center in 2003 was some kind of divine judgment against her for errant judicial rulings, isn't to insinuate such itself a presumption bordering on idolatry?  It also raises a number of other questions.  Since the falling beam missed, should we assume that God's aim is off?  Secondly, if something bad then happens to the person making this condemnatory statement against Sandra Day O'Connor, should we assume the person making the initial assertion is also on the outs with God?  Thirdly, since my reproductive and excretion appendage is pointed outwards rather than inwards, I am able to render criticism regarding this offense against causation.

A caller to the Chris Plant Show said only a mother can raise a fetus.  Caring this reasoning to its logical conclusion, I guess men shouldn’t be required to pay child support.

An associate insists it is inappropriate for a woman to openly criticize a pastor.  The associate also invokes some of the same Scriptures opposing women speaking in church and holding ecclesiastical office to oppose the involvement of women in politics.  Thus, it must be asked, if hardline Christian Reconstructionists ever seize power, what would prevent them from eventually enacting laws and regulations that would abolish the public expression of women altogether?

The same ones that forbid a woman from expressing open disapproval of something going on at church are probably among some of the same ones that would enunciate rebuke should an individual decide to simply not return to the church in order to avoid conflict.

If a fetus is nothing more than a glob of tissue, why did the story of one found in luggage at a Miami airport rate a place as a top headline at

Little Rock Municipal Airport has been renamed after Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Maybe the Mile High Club could move its headquarters there.

A Media Matters ad urges listeners to call their station to remove Rush Limbaugh because "we don't talk to women like that".  But why not in reference to those fornicating so wantonly that they proudly demand the public pick up the tab for their birth control?

If George Zimmerman observed what he thought were 40 crimes, in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, is he not suppose to bring these to the attention of police?  What about the Homeland Security propaganda that conditions us to "See something.  Say something"?

The Trayvon Martin tragedy is being used to denigrate Florida's Stand Your Ground Law granting legal recognition of the natural right of self defense.   Perhaps media attention should be brought to the miscarriages of justice that occur in epidemic number when citizens are conditioned into not protecting themselves and criminals walk all over the innocent because they know there is little chance of retaliation.

Shouldn't the Trayvon Martin tragedy be more of a warning as to the loons that get overly involved with neighborhood watch programs rather than as a commentary against the Second Amendment and self defense?

Obama insinuates in light of the Trayvon Martin incident that he wants self defense laws reevaluated.  Does that include regulations that allows the Secret Service to shoot first and ask questions later?

Does Obama plan to express sympathies to the White lad set afire by two Black youths or does the victim insufficiently resemble the President?

If the judicial system doesn't hand down the decision predetermined by the festering Black mob, how much property is going to be destroyed.   Those of this mentality aren't exactly the demographic most renowned for contemplative detachment and restraint.

Since the government requires we file a tax return, why shouldn't the government subsidize filers for the cost of return preparation?

If the Black Panthers can issue bounties for the killer of Trayvon Martin, on what grounds would one condemn the Ku Klux Klan from issuing bounties against Blacks the terrorist group perceived as harming the United States?

Rush Limbaugh said that Cheney deserves a new heart if the former Vice President can afford one.  Does that insinuate that those with salaries and fortunes below Haliburton chairman levels don't deserve to live?

If New York sports journalists grill Tim Tebow over his "core beliefs", do they plan to pester Muslim or Jewish athletes regarding theirs as well?   Is Michael Vick harangued on his positions regarding animal welfare?

The New York Times referred to as George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic”.  Would it have been preferable had he been one of the dumpy darker ones built like one of the dwarves from the Lord of The Rings or Disney fairy tale adventures?

So if their head is being slammed against the concrete by a rampaging teen, are liberals going to rely on their broadmindedness and reluctance to make generalizations to save their lives?

If talk radio and Stand Your Ground Laws are to blame in part for the death of Trayvon Martin, how about the role played by a broken home in influencing him towards juvenile delinquency?  The lad was visiting the home of his father's fiancé.

So according to Black folk logic, if a rampaging Black youth tries to grab your gun, Whitey is suppose to allow the attacker to take it and be shot by it.

If these Black mobs are so concerned about justice, do they plan to mobilize on behalf of Whites that have been victimized by Black miscreants?

Maybe if cops didn’t do such a shoddy job by obsequiously pandering to minorities, perhaps George Zimmerman wouldn’t have had to be so forceful in standing his ground.

Are all parents that unexpectedly lose a child now going to be extended an invitation to speak before members of Congress as were Trayvon Martin's?

Do those insisting the impropriety of government compelling the individual to pay for health insurance also hold to the position that it is improper for government and fellow citizens to pick up the medical bills of those being financially irresponsible by not purchasing health insurance?

Wearing a hoody doesn't make you a hoodlum.  However, vandalizing your school and allegedly slamming someone's head against the concrete certainly does.

If one of the Supreme Court's most formidable minds panics at the overwhelming length of Obamacare, just think what it does to the rest of us.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray is justifying the erection of additional speed and red light cameras as way to protect bicyclists.  Will cameras also be set up to protect motorists and especially perambulating pedestrians from narcissistic bicyclists that just as blatantly flout the standards of vehicular propriety and decorum?

Marko Rubio is being considered for the Vice Presidency in part because he can allegedly bring in the Hispanic vote.  Had anyone considered the importance of solidifying the “White Vote”?   Does anyone realize that if Rubio shoots a Black man, given Rubio’s light pigmentation, he’d likely be considered a “White Hispanic”?

The children of Andrea Yates are unable to attend church because they were killed by their mother.  So why should she be granted that privilege?  The extent of her religious participation should be a worn Bible tossed into her padded rubber cell.  If a depressed father had murdered his children, would he be given a pass to get out of the loony bin?

That’s depressing news about a study that you are statistically happiest at 33 years old.  If so, I demand a do-over.

For it being an occupation one goes into following considerable deliberation rather than like the rest of us that have to settle for whatever drudgery we fall into or face starvation and homelessness, teachers certainly do gripe inordinately.

So with certain supermarket chains eliminating so-called “pink slime” from their meat products, will prices go higher and move America closer to being an economy where the masses are denied access to regular meat?

The March 2012 issue of the journal Teaching Philosophy featured an article titled “Can Christians Be Philosophy Professors.”  Would a similar article be published asking the same of other world religions such as Judaism, Buddhism or Islam?

The 3/30/12 episode of Fringe featured a Sumerian cult obsessed with directed transgenic evolution for the purposes of bringing about the New World Order. Will mostly likely be the last season of this series. There is only so much truth elites will allow. Like how no one will ever see again the episode of The Lone Gunman that predicted the flying of a jetliner into a skyscraper.

Civil rights icons have certainly deteriorated over the decades.   Started out with a little old lady that bravely wouldn't give up her seat to now a pissant thug slamming someone's head against the sidewalk.

If the National Security State conditions us to reflexively answer every interrogatory put to us by law enforcement or public safety personnel, who is NBC to criticize when an individual is asked to select the race of a suspect in question?

So would those sitting on the Obamacare death panel ever decide their own loved ones lacked sufficient social utility to warrant medical intervention?

Yahoo News notes that the victims of a gunman that shot up a Christian college in California were "young and diverse".  Would it have somehow been a greater or lesser tragedy if those targeted had been old and homogeneous?

Nearly 80 were sickened by salmonella-contaminated sushi.  And what did they think could happen from deliberately eating raw fish?  Thankfully, it’s doubtful they had much of a brain to damage.

Would Brian Wilson of WMAL constantly describe Brian Neeman as "swarthy" if his sidekick was named "Brian Sanchez" or "Brian Hussein"?

If Obama mouthpieces are now handing down edicts as to what genders should be admitted to the membership of a private country club, how long will it be until federal officials are telling you what genders may occupy your church pulpit?   Will Obama demand men be granted access to female gyms and aerobics classes?

At a White House forum on woman's issues where President Obama was to be henpecked by a bunch of clucking biddies, he announced that his healthcare legislation included domestic violence screening.  The thing about bureaucrats is that they end up finding what they want to see even if what they are initially charged with looking for really isn't there.  So expect these investigations to go beyond black eyes and broken bones.  It must be warned that to these nags a man doing nothing more than raising his voice in frustration at a wife that's been texting all day rather than cleaning house or merely disrupting a woman during a verbal berating constitutes abuse of the first order.

Burger King has been condemned for featuring a Black singer in a commercial about fried chicken.  Diversitymongers claims a stereotype was promoted as a result.  There is no winning with these people.  If one had produced an advertisement featuring White folks, these malcontents would be all uppity about that.

Turning up the AC and turning down the heat defeats the purpose of having AC and heat.

Hardcore Calvinists claim their system is not about works as the route to salvation.  Yet the most strident of this persuasion insist one is not even a Christian if one does not agree with them regarding matters not even directly related to Christology or soteriology.

Youths laying on the ground to block access to the Sanford, Florida police department should have been run over by the paddy wagon. These pissants weren't even arrested. So if it's okay to block entrance to a police station, why not an abortion clinic?

Eric Holder has assured that Americans feel the pain of Trayvon Martin's parents.  How about the pain of the White child set afire for daring the answer a Black history question?  How about the pain of the elderly White man in Ohio nearly kicked to death by rampaging Trayvonites?  Or how about the pain of the elderly couple driven from their home as a result of inaccurate tweets on the part of Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr?  But I guess the victims of these crimes insufficiently resemble the visage of our exalted leader.

Mayor Bloomberg has announced a campaign to abolish Stand Your Ground Laws across the country that allow the individual to defend themselves against violent assault.  As a mere municipal official, what business is it of Bloomberg what the laws are in another state.  Perhaps rural sheriffs should now interject themselves into the policies decisions of Babylon on the Hudson.  And if the average citizen cannot protect themselves with firearms, why ought police be permitted to?

The news was in an uproar over the death of 8 illegals in a Texas traffic accident.  Are local auto wrecks with a similar fatality tabulation broadcast across the nation?  If so, are we also obligated to wring our hands over the economic status of such victims if they are run of the mill Americans?

If Cuban Americans rampage in the streets wanting to deny the expression of ideas that they oppose, what makes them really all that different at their core than the dictator they claim to oppose?  It’s just that they have not yet been able to violently put down their adversaries.  So I guess the moral of the story is that opposing anyone opposing the prevailing ideological consensus should have an array of persecutions inflicted upon them ranging from outright existential liquidation to the deprivation of livelihood.

Trayvon Martin's father says he will continue to march until the right thing is done.  Does that include a not guilty verdict being returned by the jury?  Or is this code that that their will be rampaging in the streets should the one other than the verdict wanted by the mob be handed down?

The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case snidely remarked that, unless one has been involved in a similar kind of case, we mere serfs can't possibly understand the complexity of the issues involved.  So perhaps George Zimmerman should point out that, unless a rampaging is beating your head against concrete, you can't possibly understand the necessity of defending yourself with such decisive force.

Bill Cosby blames the Trayvon Martin incident on guns.  So if Bill Cosby has a body guard mean this security professional is armed with nothing more formidable than a half melted pudding pop?

An editorial in the 4/6/12 issue of America: The National Catholic Weekly condemns Stand Your Ground Laws.  Does this mean the papal security detail intends to renounce physical weapons and defend the life of the pontiff with only prayer and rational persuasion?

Sean Hannity is apprehensive about discussing the Secret Service prostitute scandal because of deep respect he possesses for the agency.  Then shouldn't he be as reluctant in detailing the GSA convention shenanigans as not every member of that agency participated in that squandering of taxpayer funds either?  Law enforcement or military personnel that betray the trust of the American people are deserving of no more respect than any other public employee that fails to live up to their obligations.  And they are perhaps even more deserving of greater condemnation since, unlike errant paper pushes caught going wild on someone else's dime, when these servants neglect their obligations the innocent could very well end up losing their very lives.

If suicide bombers don't want their remains photographed, perhaps they ought not to blow themselves to smithereens.

Regarding the Violence Against Women Act up for reauthorization before Congress.  Firstly, unless there is companion legislation specially protecting men, this law technically violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  Secondly, since these crimes occur within the border of one particular state, why should they be of national federal concern?

If harlotry is legal in these Third World countries, foreigners should be no more outraged over the Secret Service prostitution scandal than over these UN bureaucrats that don't pay their NYC traffic & parking tickets.

The GSA spent $7000 on sushi in Las Vegas.  If you are going to blow that much on seafood, at least make sure it is cooked.

Watching the Price Is Right, one should not be assaulted by Earth Day propaganda.  One of the eco-conscious showcases featured a trip (no doubt consuming unnecessary fossil fuels) to the Spotted Dog Cafe.  The establishment not only sounds like a place President Obama would like to eat but also what he would like to order from the menu.

And how does Rush Limbaugh suggest the aged unable to work or forced from gainful employment by physically superior youth pay for healthcare?  And don’t tell me they should have saved enough by then.   I know of someone whose nursing home care is $9000 per month.  Most of us never even make that much per month.  Should those of us that never will forfeit our right or privilege of continued existence?

Rush Limbaugh insists New York Times staff on the verge of losing their pensions are getting what they deserve because of what the journalists have written over the years and for how they have voted.  One could make a similar argument regarding Limbaugh’s deafness and cardiac events in light of his struggle with drug abuse.

The DC sustainability plan calls for roof top agriculture.  What makes you think these ghetto dwellers will grow vegetables?   Many of them won't even pick up the trash that blows into their miniscule yards.

If Obama is so concerned about preventing atrocities, shouldn't a marine stating he would not follow unlawful orders be applauded rather than punished?  

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