By: Frederick Meekins

Isn't insisting one has Biblical proof that women must wear dresses and heels just about the equivalent as saying there are Biblical grounds opposing interracial marriage?

Does it really take a physicist with the reputation of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking to craft a thought experiment as to what will likely happen if you decide to sun bathe in the middle of the road as did two Pennsylvania teens?

Dan Savage declared at a student journalism conference that the Bible is full of bovine excrement and no longer applicable.  Does that include the prohibitions against murder and theft as well?

In honor of the President exhibiting his inclinations to enunciate words in a manner soothing to America’s foreign adversaries, one does not say that Obama is an “ass”.  Instead one says that Obama is an “arse”.

It is interesting how some have their knickers in a knot over how candidates once tearing into Mitt Romney are now buttering up to him now that the former Massachusetts Governor is the likely Republican nominee yet those insisting upon an absolutarian degree of consistency say little how their own ideological mentor insinuates Arminians and Dispensationalists should be denied liberty, property, and possibly even life but have no problem with snuggling up to these alleged heretics if it gets them into the limelight.

We might be able to do more for the blind Chinese human rights activist if China wasn’t America’s pimp and America, China’s whore.

Shirley Dobson pointed out on the Glenn Beck Radio program that President Obama’s 2011 proclamation for the National Day of Prayer was not released until 5 pm that day.  Wonder if Obama is as tardy regarding those ceremonies cherished by Muslims or even secularist Jews.

Regarding these Food Insurance emergency rations advertised on talk radio programs such as Glenn Beck: do these meals also come with firearms to stave off thieving marauders when civilization crumbles?

The raging debate on the cover of the May 2012 edition of Art News is “Naked or Nude?”.  Mind you, these are the very same effetes that insist no standards exist anyway.  And if you are at the point of placing the unclothed human form on public display, you are pretty much at the point where it doesn’t really matter what you call it.

A CIA interrogator told Leslie Stahl of “60 Minutes” how suspected terrorists were subjected to dietary manipulation.  Hopefully, that included ample servings of pork.

By pronouncing "Taliban" with an accent, isn't Obama extending these terrorists more respect than they deserve?  Does Obama intend to enunciate words regarding organized crime with a proper Italian intonation?

Michael Savage insists that unless you have children, you have no business talking about family values.  So will he remain consistent and invalidate the teachings of the Roman Catholic church?   These fundamental values are universal values.   One does not have procreate to oppose those that beat their spouses or progeny, shack up outside benefit of matrimony, and proceed to breed under the auspices of such illicit living arrangements.

Diversitymongers are having a hissy fit over a cartoon of Obama "woking the dog".  So it is racist if we assume that the other cultures of the world eat and cook as average Americans do.   But it is also apparently racist to observe that other cultures do not eat and prepare food in the same way as Americans do.

Terrorist Khalid Sheikh Muhammad lost weight under government oversight and is denounced as torture.  When the average American is manipulated and hounded into doing by the federal government it is categorized as the First Lady's "Let's Move" initiative.

An article in the May 2012 issue of Sojourner's condemns as selfish parents that question the efficacy of mandatory vaccinations.  It is argued that, by avoiding such inoculations, these parents are endangering public health.  Does the publication intend to publish a similar article against the gay lifestyle?

A series of readers aimed at Hispanic youth are titled "What It's Like To Be..."  Each of the figures featured in the series is of Latino origins.  Will there be an edition about George Zimmerman?  If these youth are to read about fellow Hispanics, does that mean Whites should read primarily about Whites?  How about a series of books about what it is like to be an American and how one ought to live by American standards when residing in the United States such as speaking English and not playing loud music in the wee hours of the night.

At the school where I vote, there hangs a sign notifying that during school hours visitors are required to show photo identification in order to enter the building.  Given that the majority of the students are Hispanic (many with foreign born parents), that means at least one or two things.  First, it means more Hispanics have legitimate forms of ID than the fuss raised about in the leftist media.   Secondly, if they do not, that means the public school system is granting access to children by adults for whom legitimate identification cannot be satisfactorily verified in the eyes of the state by utilizing the same standard imposed upon those of us belonging to the despised racial majority.

The UN wants US territory returned to American Indians.  The first plot that ought to be given back ought to be where UN HQ sits.  Though not a big proponent of legalized gambling, the world might be better off if an Indian casino were put up in the spot in NYC where UN headquarters now stands.

Safeway is to remove from its butcher counters pork from confined pigs.   I hope moral smugness is as satisfying in the belly as eventually no one but the elites will be able to afford meat.

On the Teamster's website, it explicitly states that the proper form of address in corresponding with the organization's leader is "General President James R. Hoffa".  But apparently he had no problem with calling Tea Party leaders "sons of bitches" that he wanted "taken out."

If we are to worry about Romney's high school pranks, will there be renewed emphasis in exposing Obama's avowed Communist mentors?  Since Obama expressed in his youth an antipathy towards Whites, ought voters then assume that he still does?

Contrary to what has been posted on the Facebook profile of one particular Reconstructionist, individual Christians do not necessarily have to ask ourselves why God has imposed a god-hater upon the presidency, insinuating the situation is somehow the fault of the average Christian.  It is only the fault of those Christians that voted for him.

If God Bless The USA lyrics are changed to “We Love The USA”, how much longer until the line of the song that “The flag still stands for freedom” is also censored as being offensive?

According to home school activist Kevin Swanson, the Christian is obligated to go to the elders of the church or repent before seeking medical attention.   So I guess they are suppose to get first crack at a cancerous prostate?  It must also be asked, if these elders must be consulted, what if the consistory forbids the parishioner from seeking a particular treatment that is otherwise moral?

Governments should keep their hands off private retirement accounts such as 401k's. However, that said, fanatic freemarketeers should answer what will be done to care for the elderly when these private funds crumble. To those advocating church care, do you honestly want your pastor determining for you what medications you may or may not have?

To resolve the pending entitlement program crisis threatening to collapse the American economy, it has been suggested that churches instead administer these social welfare functions.  However, such a shift in policy would result in membership no longer being about doctrinal agreement.   Instead, such a decision would be based upon which church provided the most comprehensive benefit package to its congregants or possessed the least rigorous membership requirements.  Don't think you'd make such a compromise?  We'll see when you are faced with the prospect of bankrupting medical bills or starving to death in your old age.

Advocates of increased levels of surveillance insist that, if you have done noting wrong, you have nothing to worry about.  The thing of it is is that there are now so many laws and fiat regulations that often carry harsher penalties than actual laws that nearly everything a person can conceivably do is in violation.

Wiping your backside is good and natural too.  That’s doesn’t mean it should be prominently pictures on the cover of Time Magazine.

Obama assured on the View that, with a name like Barack Obama, it’s always going to be tight.  Is that because, as Biden pointed out, Obama has a big stick?

A hardcore Christian Reconstructionist in a Facebook post has condemned a church with a booth at a local street festival for assuring those that pass by that Jesus loves them.  In such a setting, one doesn’t have opportunity to convey a complete 500 page systematic theology in an encounter likely to not even last an entire minute.  Like it or not, you aren’t going to get the average person to learn more about your church by berating them over what a horrible person they are.

Obama admits that he spent his last two years of high school in a daze.  How is that any different than how he has spent his presidency?

Why are we obligated to feel sorry for women that kill themselves through coat hanger abortions?  Would sympathy be extended to a wife beater who, in attempting to assault his wife, fell down the stairs and expired as a result of a broken neck?   If they deliberately inflict this mutilation on themselves and we are suppose to flagellate ourselves just because they are women, isn't this an admission that women are so mentally deficient as to not to be held accountable for their own behavior?

Will the Justice Department file hate crime charges against the Afrosupremacist mob assaulting the White reporters in VA or do the victims insufficiently resemble the mulattoo pigmentation of our Glorious Leader?

On The O'Reilly Factor, pundits were in an uproar over Jessica Simpson selling pictures of her baby for $800,000.  But if some media outlet is stupid enough to dish out that much money for the photographs, why shouldn't the pop singer cash in.  Simpson shouldn't have to give the money to charity.  I doubt those banshee's wailing about it on Fox News work for free.

Assorted leftists are in an uproar that a PAC favorable towards Romney considered producing an advertisement reemphasizing the relationship between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.  Critics claimed the television spot would be potentially racist and that candidates ought to refrain from negative campaigning.   So if there was a theoretical Republican conservative that held membership in the World Church of the Creator or some other Christian Identity congregation for over 20 years and considered the pastor an ideological mentor for much of that them, would such a religious shortcoming be quietly overlooked by the mainstream media?  If a candidate was running against Hitler, would it be improper to expose the links of National Socialism to anti-Semitic secret societies?  If one was running against Stalin, would it be an outrage to point out that tyrant's past as a bank robber?

So if Eric Holder was assaulted by a White youth as high as a kite and, in defending himself, Holder takes the lad's life, will the Justice Department prepare federal hate crime charges against Holder if the court at the state level doesn't hand down a conviction against Eric Holder?

Geraldo said on O’Reilly that profiling is understandable if done to those that look like others that have committed crimes in certain areas.    So will he endorse the Arizona identification law?

Americans are being assured that surveillance drones over U.S. cities are merely another tool of law enforcement.  I am sure similar things were once said about herding targetted ethnicities into boxcars and detention camps with specially designed gas emitting showerheads.

Are these filthy beatniks going to tell me that the Corona Beer or Tropicana Orange Juice that I saw on the shelf at the "organic market" is any different than that at a more mundane grocer such as Walmart or Piggly Wiggly?

Tolerancemongers will no doubt fly into an uproar over the video game commercial where a zombie mom says "Voodoo child". Since Third Worlders practice Voodoo, we will no doubt be told we idiot Westerners are to be compelled to exhibit nothing but the utmost respect for these demonic superstitions.

Wonder if those banshees on Whale Wars: Viking Shores out to impede legal whale hunts would as enthusiastically endorse the blocking of abortion clinics.

Do Sea Shepherd rabblerousers intend to disrupt Eskimo or Inuit whale hunts or do non-Whites get a free pass?

In the story of violent tolerancemongers attacking diners in an eatery outside of Chicago, considerable detail was given to the criminal backgrounds of the victims insinuated as belonging to a White supremacist group.  Had the roles been reversed with a rightwing militia attacking a group of Occutards, would a list of outstanding warrants been elaborated by the shiftless ant-capitalist deadbeats?  Better yet, had this group gang-raped a woman, would her scanty wardrobe been described in detail or that she had a reputation as the town floozy?  So if certain details are omitted to protect certain victims, shouldn't the less politically correct be extended similar protections?

In the way a number use to invoke "separation" in regards to things they nebulously opposed but really couldn't put their finger on clearly as to a reason why, it seems many Christians now are hurling the term "individualism" at practices they sneer down their noses at while wanting to cement the impression in the minds of those they are desperate for the approval of that they have embraced the lemming mindset.

Unless you are some kind of breakaway old school Mormon, marriage is a decision between an INDIVIDUAL man and an INDIVIDUAL woman.  Are groups that pressure these individuals into this decision going to pick up the pieces when lives are shattered when this union is gone into not out of a sense of love towards one's intended but rather to curry the approval of authority figures?   Likely not.  Many of these ministries and denominations pushing the young into early matrimony are among the same ones so lacking in a sense of forgiveness that they would forever sentence a person to a life of loneliness should an individual make a mistake in regards to this area of existence.

If your pastor steps into what today passes for a pulpit and merely holds up a sign that reads that today's sermon is about the power of silence and he proceeds to say nothing, he is not sharing some profound spiritual truth he has recently discovered.  He is doing nothing more than putting his own laziness and lack of preparedness on display.

Are the women in Time Magazine profiled extending breastfeeding engaged in the practice out of devotion to their children or to have a pseudo-justifiable excuse few are brave enough to question as to why they don't want to have sex with their husbands?

Headlines posted at Yahoo.com lamented a drunken home intruder being shot in the face and an honor student being tossed in the slammer.  Whose is to say both didn't get exactly what they deserved?

If Eharmony sponsors "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" on A&E, does this mean that Neil Clark Warren has little problem with the KISS rocker's claims of sleeping with nearly one thousand women and shacking up for years before getting married?

That's certainly what millions died for in America's wars: so that a bunch of half drunken Mexicans can play raucous music over twelve hours straight that could be heard nearly a block away.

If one buys into the assumption in regards to abortion that a skank's body is to do with as she pleases, on what grounds does then one fly into an outrage over gender selection as a reason for this form of murder?

The cover of American Archaeology Magazine asks if ancient America was actually stolen from the White man.

An advertisement for some corporation promotes how, in response to alleged customer demand, they have decreased the serving size of its product.  Astute observers will point out that not a word was enunciated about decreasing the price as well.

An article in the 5/30/12 issue of Christian Century (a left leaning periodical) laments and bemoans the access Americans have to inexpensive, easily prepared foods.  Should the perspectives and proposals advocated by the article be implemented, at least people will have less money to purchase lunatic publications such as Christian Century or to put into the coffers of liberal churches endorsing the magazine's content.

Marital unhappiness linked to men using porn. Wonder if anyone will have a set large enough to make similar allegations regarding the expectations of these women obsessed with these romance novels.

A study links marital unhappiness to men using porn. Wonder if anyone will have a set large enough to make similar allegations regarding the expectations of these women obsessed with romance novels.

Eric Holder, who wants to protect the voting rights of minorities by forbidding the use of photo ID's to confirm identities, is the same Eric Holder that didn't give a flip about the voting rights of White people when ghetto filth from the Black Panthers wielding baseball bats stood outside polling places.

Environmental propagandists are insisting that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are at their highest in millennia. So will the likes of Al Gore, Brian McLaren, Jim Wallis, and Barack Obama curtail their mechanized travel, or will that be an expectation imposed upon we mere commoners?

If one has to attend mid-week prayer service to fulfill the admonition to pray without ceasing, is one not technically praying while in transit if we are going to hold to the assumption that a prayer is not valid unless offered up in a designated church structure? Wasn't one of the correctives of the Reformation that the individual has direct access to God wherever they might be?  And if a church has authority to summon you to a meeting not mandated by Scripture how much more control over your schedule are you willing to surrender?  If the prayer chain is going to be tossed in the face of those that don’t attend prayer meeting, I’ll gladly give up the nagging phone calls for people I have no idea are being talked about.  Kind of makes God a cosmic bookie you hedge bets with.  The impression ends up being the more intercessors you rope in, the more likely He’ll grant the outcome you are asking for.

Wonder if those that posit a deity so sour-pussed that He construes as sin praying for the salvation of the lost ever stop to consider they might end up drawing a greater number away from God than the allures of harlotry or carnality ever will.

There will probably no doubt arise legalists denouncing the rise in self and e-book publishing, insisting that only church leaders should be allowed to publish in this manner or laymen only after the manuscript in question has been submitted to the deacon board or consistory.

I guess these days the bird woman in the Mary Poppins "Feed The Birds" song would be pepper sprayed or tasered by police for not having a business license and charged with animal abuse or environmental crimes for not feeding them scientifically formulated seed.

AIG is forecasting that, to stave off financial insolvency and economic oblivion, retirement age may need to be raised to 80 years of age.  Mind you, this is a financial institution that was bestowing multi-million dollar parachutes upon its failed executives and had to be bailed out by the government in order to avoid bankruptcy.  I hope most of you remember that as you pass from your earthly existence balled up in the fetal position on the floor of the Walmart employee break room.

Will surveillance drones overhead add to your government file if you sniff after scratching your backside in the privacy of your own yard?

The cover story of the June 2012 issue of Christianity Today blames the juvenilelization of the faith on White folks.  But should minority churches that say little about staggering rates of illegitimacy while expecting the government to pick up the tab for the able bodied be characterized by spiritual maturity and sobriety?

Wonder what Tom Cruise would think if someone produced a movie titled with an appellation Scientologists normally reserved for L. Ron Hubbard.

It is understandable if a church does not want to get involved with the bureaucratic oversight inherent to operating a day care center.  However, when the pastor making the case against such an endeavor says that the role of the church is saving souls rather than taking care of children, is that looking down one's nose at churches not as quick to draw distinctions between these two missions?  Also, is that some kind of veiled admission that the taking care of children should be viewed as a form of menial labor?  And are other churches that also incorporate into their outreach efforts schools and even Bible colleges to be looked down upon in a similar degree of contempt?

I can be an alarmist along with the best of them.  However, it may be stretching logic and imagination a bit to insinuate that a church with a bookstore is going to result in a boozing pastor that dances with underage teen girls.

Taking up a love offering for a visiting ministry but forbidding them from selling tapes or CD's in the vestibule is not evidence of intense spirituality and devotion but rather a profound misunderstanding as to the nature of free market economics.

It has been said that some ask what the church can do for them rather than what they can do for the church.  Perhaps some avoid getting involved because of the level of scrutiny they would be subjected to by the very same ministerial authorities they were stepping forward to assist and the level of perfection required for the privilege of performing the simplest of tasks they honestly admit they wouldn’t be able to live up to.

The same hardline Fundamentalists that condemn bookstores in those style of churches would then turn around and insist that true believers would not frequent other Christian retailers out of a panic that eyes might stumble upon books and periodicals published by theologically deviant expressions of the faith.

Wonder what environmentalists think of these toilets that automatically flush whether you have "given back to the COMMUNITY" or not.

As a fan of speculative fiction, at times I am inclined to conclude that Harry Potter should be construed merely as an imaginative story.  However, isn’t J.K. Rowling publishing a book of spells nearly the moral equivalent of a Hannibal Lector cookbook?

If Sandusky's lewd conduct was overlooked because coaches have been showering with students for decades, perhaps organized athletics has been filled with perverts from the beginning.

On a WMAL morning program, former Congressman Tom Davis counseled that the Republican party must be "inclusive".  This is usually euphemism for the need to pander to minorities with assorted government handouts, to excuse minorities for breaking laws all other Americans are expected to adhere to, and to deliberately denounce White people in the public media.

A Yahoo article listed a number of signs indicating that you wouldn't likely like a job.  The article should have also counseled that you might just have to take the job anyway if no one else is willing to hire you and you aren't necessarily good at anything better.  It is not the duty of the welfare office to prevent the lazy but otherwise able bodied from starving.

Fascinating. It seems that the Christian moderately skilled at literary or artistic expression but not good enough to number among the ranks of the positioned clergy are suppose to live their lives in a manner not unlike a deaf mute silent in the pews. Yet they are certainly expected to keep those coins rolling into the collection plate

And what explicitly Christian doctrine is Romney suppose to implement as President that he cannot do so as a Mormon?

Wonder if some of these people with the goofy grins on their faces and spaced-out looks in their eyes patting themselves on the back by announcing to the world how unconcerned they are about the current world situation because they believe God is in control realize that that is no guarantee they won't endure overwhelming suffering that they can barely imagine.  But often among those of such a mindset lack of imagination is viewed as more of a virtue than a pitiable shortcoming.

Guess clean living and sober morality finally caught up with Rodney King.  Dead at 47.

In Muslim countries, if men and women use separate voting machines, I wonder how often the ballots in the machines used by women aren't even counted or tossed in the trash.

As the consort of Allan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell has probably been to Wawa even fewer times than Romney. I missed the memo that not going to a Wawa was the free ticket for wealth beyond imagination.

Will Obama interject himself into the Rodney King story by pointing out the similarities in phenotype shared between the two men?

If municipalities and governments can forbid perfectly legal foods or certain serving sizes of particular foods from restaurants, what is to stop them form extending such powers to include supermarkets and other retailers?

Stephen King Calls For Mass Beheadings

Was Bob Jones University Student Expelled For Watching Glee? As a private institution, Bob Jones administrators should be able to run their institution as they see fit.  Likewise, we Christians not wanting our lives micromanaged are just as free not to go there and to warn others about excesses.

Police Do Nothing About Black Mob Beating White Couple

Occutards Conspire To Blow Up Bridge

Blogger Threatened With Prison For Practicing Nutrition Without A License Is it so much that he is threatening the lives of those that follow his advice of their own free choosing or denying a cut of the action to whatever state or accreditation agency that is running the licensing racket?

Albert Mohler Blames International Sex Trade On Common American Rather Than Globalist Elites The average person does not need to be put onto a guilt trip over a sin they themselves did not commit.

Is Facebook Establishing An Organ Harvesting Database?

Vatican Give Mafia Boss Burial Fit For A Pope

Taliban Transvestites Hot Over Obama

Occutard Biowarfare Stash Uncovered

Martin Luther King Linked To Communist-Backed Periodical

Pervert Terrorists Demand 9/11 Victims Adhere To Third World Dress Code If this human excrement keeps making porcine rectal orifices of themselves in court, just put a bullet in them out behind the courthouse.

Pentagon Insists The Avengers Insufficiently Propagandistic Quite revealing.  The Pentagon rendered assistance to the producers of The Transformers but not The Avengers.   So apparently government officials are willing to admit that there might be a covert struggle with intelligences from beyond this planet but the suggestion that there might be an ultrasecret organization manipulating the strings behind world events is a truth that the government must do everything in its power to curtail the dissemination of.

Reusable Bags Harbor Norovirus

UN Demands America Surrender Mount Rushmore To Indians

Red Chinese Harvest Aborted Fetuses As Medicinal Ingredient The revulsion one naturally experiences upon contemplating that headline reveals at least two universal truths.  First, not all cultural practices are equal.  If they were, there would be no grounds on which to criticize this practice.  Secondly, the disgust one feels at this practice is evidence that the aborted baby is more than a glob of tissue as the rational person is not moved to ethical concern over the fate of molds used in the production of penicillin.

Trayvonites Seize Control Of The Southern Baptist Convention It sounds like Richard Land serves the Southern Baptist Convention more than the cause of truth.  So much for the Baptist notion that conscience ought to trump institutional authority.  If Black Southern Baptists are going to jump down Richard Land's throat for alleged plagiarism do they plan to be as vocal in their condemnation of Martin Luther King.  I guess it is not so much that Land misappropriated the words of someone else but rather that Land happened to be the wrong color to be given a free pass regarding this intellectual transgression.

Priest Fathers Child

Apostates Confiscate Church Property

Did The Teleprompter Pitch Woo For Obama

Memory Foam Not Conducive To Conjugal Romping

Will Laxative Racket Poopoo Virtual Colon Exams?

Did Jesse Jackson Get Him Some White Meat?

Was Trayvon Martin Gripped By Reefer Madness?

Media Giddy Over The Demise Of The White Race  If no one is suppose to notice "color" under threat of social or economic ostracism, how is it that one is even able to notice this taking place?   Wonder who they'll guilt trip into excusing unconscionable behavior and massive handouts once Whitey goes extinct.

Governor Brownback Brownnoses Blacks Over Past Wrongs Unless he's committed the deed, why does he need to apologize? Wonder if he'll apologize to Whites should these Trayvonites get out of hand in that state. Brownback calls for "reconciliation". However, this stuff will no doubt be stirred up once again come mid--Jan through February like it is every year.

Sperm  Bank Deposits Not Necessarily The Cream Of The Crop

Lesbians Stage Fake Hate Crime  Probably more of these bias incidents are faked than media and law enforcement leftists are willing to admit.

Trayvonites Physically Assault Irish Heritage Group In The Name Of Preventing White Suprmacism 

Babykillers Deplete Their Ranks

Chief Exorcist Claims Satanic Faction Within The Vatican Engaged In Pedophile Sex Rituals

Did Coffee Shop Hire Insufficient Number Of Foul Minority Women?

Farrakhan Foments Hispanosupremacist Uprising

Vatican Scapegoats Butler Over Exposing Corruption At The Highest Levels

Zombies Cannibalize Alongside Florida Highway Cannibalistic Zombies will no doubt become the next minority protected in the name of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. Doubt it? Wouldn't most have found gaomy marriage as disgusting just a few years back?

Philadelphia Educators  Castigate Romney For Insisting Blacks As Mentally Capable As Whites

Student Punished For Not Allowing Mob To Have Its Way With Mentally Challenged Classmate

New York Food Fascists Conspire Against Tankards Over A Certain Size  If Bloomberg is promulgating decrees that a thirty-two ounce soda is too large, what is to prevent consumers from purchasing two sixteen ounce sodas.  And if governing authorities have the power to regulate how much soda is too much, why not similar edicts decreeing how much sex and of what variety is too much?

Pope Insists Celibate Priests Better Than Everybody Else  Perhaps it is about time all sectors of Christendom weren't so obsessed over the matrimonial status of the clergy provided they aren't queers or divorced improperly and instead concentrate on the doctrine they enunciate.

Apparently Pentecostal Snake Handler Lacked Faith

Walmart Sides With Rapists & Home Invaders Over Its Redneck Base

Will Food Fascists Utilize Surveillance Lasers To Make You Eat Vegetables?

Vatican Spanks Naughty Nun

Vampire Skeletons Unearthed?

The Spiritual Implications Of Zombie Cannibalism

Judge Rules Queers Have More Rights Than Normal Folks

Police Justify Mass Arrests In Attempt To Nab Bank Robber  If this isn't an outrage, why is it for Arizona to ask those detained by police to verify their immigration status or for other states to require identification before exercising suffrage in a polling place.  The next step will be mass roundups into relocation camps since (no doubt for the sake of the children) vast swaths of the population will need to be punished since the particular perpetrator of a specific crime cannot be found or that a jurisdiction is so strapped for cash in economically difficult time that individual trials and investigations can't be bothered with.   Another question that must be asked is, if everyone on site was arrested, will there be record of it entered into law enforcement databases?  This is a valid concern as often such information can, whether it's legal or not is a different issue, be used to deny employment and such.

Will Kansas Law Force Churches To Host Sodomite Orgies?

Bradbury Mourned Around The World

Superman & Messianic Longing

Frau Obama Fills Her Pie Hole

Ted Turner Calls For Mass Genocide

Are Women Obsessed With Sodomite Cannibal?

Did Jeremiah Wright  Let Obama Retain His Islamic Identity As A Member Of An Afrosupremacist Church?

Pedophile Getting What He Deserved Heralded As The "Victim" By The Houston Chronicle

Joe Scarborough Tells Conservatives To "SHUT THE HELL UP"  Moderates that want to tone down the civic dialogue for you.

Occutards Demand Property Rights

Council On Foreign Relations Draws Up Blueprint For Dictatorship

Joy Behar A Pyromaniac Witch?

Ousted Politicians Refuse To Vacate Office

Nugent Panders To Hispanics

Evangelicals Forge Pact To Destroy America

The Obama Dictatorship Surrenders America To Illegals

Biden Hails China As Greater Than America

Bill Press Denigrates The National Anthem

Mutilated Eunuchs Announce Engagement At White House Gala

Graphic Novel Insinuates Harry Potter The Antichrist  And this time such allegations can't be blamed on Fundy Dispensationalists.

Is Nancy Pelosi A Sleestack Sleeper Agent?

Was Mickey's Evolutionary Predecessor A Polygamist Rabbits

Mass Hypnosis Goes Awry 

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