By: R.A. Hawkins

When I read that you, Obama the Anointed 0ne, now want to form a panel to create a set of ‘Best Practices Rules for Elections’ I knew exactly what you meant. You want to seal the leftist deal for the next election. I have a better idea really. In the last big general election, just like in the one that brought you into power, there was an unprecedented amount of voter fraud that was never prosecuted. It’s obvious at this point that states that hold fraudulent elections won’t prosecute the fraud themselves, so it’s time for everyone else to put those election officials and states in their place. I also remember the leftists trying to get the United Nations to observe our elections to ensure there were no attempts at voter disenfranchisements. (Which is what voter fraud is really all about…disenfranchising everyone else’s vote) Since your side of the aisle is in the habit of trying to involve people in our elections that benefit more from the failure of our nation as opposed to our success…. How’s about we try something fair for once? (Notice how I try to sound familiar to throw you off?)

It’s time for States Rights to begin to rise to the level of prominence that it needs to be. It’s time for all of us flyover states to decide whether we approve of the way you ran your leftist election. That’s right we decide, not the fox in the henhouse. We can use our governors to create a panel to represent the real workers party. (The ones that actually work, not the saprophytes party of the left.) We should also have the ability to arrest those committing voter fraud. Or even better, decertify your elections until you purge your voter rolls and prosecute the fraud. I’m certain you will want to consider this option because it’s actually fair, you little comstitutional squaller. No, I spelled that right. I know a Constitutional Scholar when I see one. Maybe someone like Sowell or so many others that aren’t you.

By the way, I did notice that you have a full understanding of two concepts. When the awesome possibility of being able to bust up a joint on a street corner raised its head, it worked. A large number of clueless, misinformed pointy headed voters responded and went to the polls probably for the first time. And they voted you in. That little bit of name calling about those voters really is just an echo from James Carville who agrees that your voters are the most misinformed. I prefer to not say that they’re just misinformed so much as being idiots that can’t handle simple math. Here’s what I mean in that comment. If Sally had 25 saprophyte voters that wanted stuff and she managed convince them through the ideals of altruism just like Hitler did to give amnesty to one hundred potential new voters how many faithful voters would she have?

The answer is 0. (That’s how I prefer to refer to you by the way.) Now since you probably don’t understand the simple math question here I’ll explain it. Not one of those voters is faithful to you because like a politician or any other red dress on a street corner, it’s all about the highest bidder. Those voters sure are a lot like you. They can’t do math either because now they have to share their stolen wealth with someone else. That stuff for the other one hundred? It has to come from somewhere else. Which is why you just keep printing money isn’t it Zero? You’re stealing from everybody. 

Gosh, that thing that I said you understood when I mentioned something about dope smoking voters. Yeah…I remember now. The reason you said you’re not going to prosecute federal marijuana laws in Colorado is simple, really: It prevents Colorado voters from figuring it out. You couldn’t have those people getting together with the rest of the country in a States Rights battle, now could you? And wow, there’s that other thing you understand so well: Maintaining division.

Now it may surprise you to know that I’m not against making marijuana legal as long as we take it the rest of the way. You can’t remember to get up and go to work so you can’t keep a job? Well….  You pays your money and you takes your chances! I am not responsible for your stupid life choices. But then, if you really take a good look at the left what is their platform? “You’re cool, dude. It’s someone else’s fault and we’ll punish them for you.”



Oh yeah… P.S. … For everyone else in flyover country: Quit supporting the liberal media in any way whatsoever. If you find that a company supports this idiot in the White House boycott them and encourage others to do the same. It’s time for them to pay the price for their corruption. And I know it sounds a little liberal to say this, but remember one very important thing: Every penny you spend creates the world you live in. If you’re buying things from a company that supports something you disagree with you are supporting that which you hate. It really is that simple. And regarding the last election, those of you who decided to either sit at home in protest or do a protest vote….Grow up. You’re a major part of the problem. Recent history should have taught all of us one thing by now: absolutism will always lose to incrementalism. Don’t believe me? Just ask any rounded rock at the bottom of any stream. Yes, I just compared your intelligence to that of a rock. Deal with it.


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R.A. Hawkins is the author of several books. He is a past contributor for Ether Zone.

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Published in the April 15, 2013 issue of  Ether Zone.
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